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Hello, this is my first post so please tell me if you like it or not
Main Characters:
Kamenashi/Nakamura Makino(taiwanslinky) and Yuya takaki
Sato Yumi(yakuzahime ) and Akanishi Jin
Suzuki Midori(lebaneseFish)and Hikaru Yaotome
Inoo Kei
Yu Kay(Su Ri Ru)

This story is about a girl who doesnt like a boy but as the story goes along her feelings change...very quickly
Also this story if finished already so no-one can join now but when i make another story, i will let you have a chance...anyway im probably boring you now ...3...2...1!!!!!

Chapter 1:Maid for you

Makino:Ne are you two coming too my house tomorrow
Yumi:Of course
Someone bumps into her
The person who bumps into her turns back
Yuya:Becareful next time*walks on*
Yumi:Midori daijobou
Makino:Not yet youre not

Makino walks up to Yuya and punches him

Yuya:Nanishiteruno(what are you doing?)
Makino:I dont care if you're a celebrity or not,but this is school not,im famous which means im too good for you so act like it
Yuya:Ill forgive now if you say sorry
Makino:Baka,I would rather become your maid and even wear a maid outfit then say sorry

She walks away back to her friends
Makino:Iko ne
After school
Midori:Makino,ill call you
Makino:Matteru kara(ill be waiting)

Makinos house

Ring ring
Makino:Moshi Moshi
Midori:Mosh Mosh,it me
Makino:hey what did you want to talk about?
Midori:I think im in love....wih Hikaru

Yuyas house falling in love
Yuya:With who?*On laptop*
Hikaru:With that Midori chick
Yuya:Okay then
Hikaru:How about you?
Yuya:No,but that Makino girl is interesting,im searching her right now
Inoo:You stalker
Yuya:Im not a stalker
Hikaru:+Yuya:Ah Inoo dont scare us like that
Yuya:Lets see here:
Name:Nakamura Ayumu
Fact:Tends to have sexy lips
Yuya:And the first girl to not like me,interesting,i think ill play with her

Next Day(Sunday)

Makino:Huh?(half asleep)
Midori:We're going now
Makino:Oh Ill walk you out,i was planning to go buy some food
Yumi:You eat too much
Midori:You need to go on a diet
Makino:Cant believe you just said that
Yumi:Lets go before she gets angry

They disapper before she gets angry
Makino:Lets go get some food
A car passes her and she blacks out
She wakes up 15 minutes later and finds herself on a soft bed wearing a maid outfit,she looks left and sees Yuya

Yuya:You had a long sleep,hurry up and get to work
Makino:You drugged me and now you want me to do your chores excuse me but Im leaving
Yuya:I guess you have to say sorry


Yuya:Ill forgive now if you say sorry
Makino:Baka,I would rather become your maid and even wear a maid outfit then say sorry
End of Flashback

10 mins have gone by and she has already on her last job

Yuya:*To himself*Shes quite cute in a maid outfit
Makino:Stop being a perv.
Yuya:Hai*Damn she caught me*

Ring Ring

Makino:*To Yuya*Matte,~picks up phone~Mosh mosh
Yumi:Mosh Mosh,are you still eating,you really should go on a diet
Makino:How can you say that,one sec Yumi*To Yuya*Do you think I need to go on a diet?
Yuya:No,youre skinny
Makino:Thanks*back to Yumi*See some people know what there talking about
Yumi:Where are you?
Makino:With that Yuya guy,in a maid outfit
Yumi:LOL must tell Midori

*Hang up*

She gets back to work and wipes the floor as fast as she can

Door bell

Yuya opens door

Akanishi:Hey im back*looks inside*whos the chick?
Yuya:My maid
Akanishi:Good choice,she got a big butt too.
Makino:*Walks up to them*Listen its bad enough,I have to do this stinkin job,so I dont want some random guy callin me a chick when he doesnt even know me and already looking at my body
Akanishi:What are you doing here?
Makino:He made me become his made for the day*points at him*and you
Akanishi:I live here*to Yuya*I dont mind you going out with girls,but not my cousin
Yuya:Cousins?you two are cousins?
Makino:Yeah unfortunately

That probably was boring!!!
You can visit my profile and find other stories to read...if you like it please share it

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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09
It's boring..i know..well here chapter two

Chapter two:Youre going out with my cousin?

*At school*

Sensei:Everyone prepare for math
Makino:Yumi are you coming with us
Yumi:No my boyfriend is picking me up
Midori:You have a boyfriend
Yumi:Yeah,we started going out like 3-4 days ago
Makino:Midori:Do you have one?
Midori:Well ou know me...
Midori:Im too busy to have one
Yuya:You change your mood quick
Sensei:Are you all doing your work down there?
Yumi:How about Makino
Makino:No but if we get lucky we might get kissed
Sensei:Boys and girls do your work!!
Makino:Sensei,how can we work if you keep on talking to us
Yuya:Thats the rason we get lower marks
Sensei:Thats it,you two will do the chores tomorrow

*End of School day
Midori:I cant wait to see him
Makino:Ill be back
Midori:Where you going?
Makino:My stomach hurts,Im gonna go toilet a bit?
*10 mins later*
Midori:Ne Yuya go check on her please
Yuya:Where is she?
Midori:Ah forget ill do it
She walks back to the toilet finding Makino on the floor sitting
Yumi:Makino daijabou?
Makino:Yeah Im just tired
Midori:Gee what do you do at night?
Midori:Sou ka come on they are waiting
They run back to class only to find Yumi Kissing a boy
Makino:Yumi~Midori quick take a pic
Midori:*Takes out her phone*~flash~There you go
~they stop kissing~
Makino:Introduce me
Yumi:Mou~~This is Akanishi Jin
Makino:Hajin-Did you just say Jin
*Akanishi turns around* re her boyfriend
Jin:And what if it?
Yumi:How do you two know eachother
Yuya:They're cousins

Everyone goes to Yuyas house

Yumi:Ne? lets play truth or dare?
Midori:Sounds like fun,Ill go first
Midori Spins the bottle and it go's to Makino
Midori:Makino truth or dare
Jin: You bum shes asleep
Midori:Oh yeah she was tired from before
Yuya takes her and carries her to his bed

Ring Ring
Ring Ring

Jin:Someone answer her phone
Yuya:Ill do it *Picks up phone*
??:Maki you said you would text me
Yuya:Ah gomen Makino is asleep can you call later thanks
Shuts phone

*Next day*


Yuya:*opens*Hi can I help you
???:Im here for Jin
Yuya:Yeah come in side,sit on the couch JIN you have a guest
Yuya walks over to Makino
Yuya:Makino-chan wake up
Wake up
Makino:Uwaaa~Where am I?Ah Im late to dance class
Yuya:Its okay we called her up
Makino:Uwaaaaaa~you're too close to me*pushes him and walks to the kitchen to drink some water*
Makino:*turns around*Kazuya onii-chan
Kazuya:I called you yesterday but someone answered
Yuya:Ah it was me,but you were asleep
Makino:But my phone was in my...ah you touched my butt,I have to get you back
Yuya:What do you mean?
Makino:Hehehe *evil face*
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Chapter 3:Revenge and First Unreal kss

Yuya:What are you gonna do to me?
Makino:Just come here
Makino:You leave me no choice
She charges at him and pins him down on the floor and starts to tickle him
Yuya:No..hehe..stop not funny
Makino:*stops*Guess this is unuseful
Yuya:Yeah *Thinks:~now I ve got her~*
Makino:I guess i have to try harder
Makino starts tickling him again
Kazuya:*clears throat*
Jin:Haha this is great I got it on camera
Makino:Jin ~ Kazuya,ah Jin I got a new number let me type it in
Jin:sure*hand phone over phone*
She presses some buttons and gives him back
Jin:Ne let watch it again....Uh oh
Kazuya:What happend
Jin:The video
Makino:I thought it was something else so it deleted it,gomen
Yuya:She really is the devil
Makino:I heard that

Next day at school


Midori:Makino,dont forget we're going shopping today
Makino:Mou,cant go I have classroom duties
Midori:Oh well,now I need to find someone I can go with!
Hikaru:Ill go

End of school day

Makino:Ja-ne,Ill see you tomorrow
Midori:Dont worry we'll buy you lipgloss or something
Makino:Dont bother

Fastfoward to the end of the school day

Makino:Ill do the board so you do the sweeping onegai
Yuya:But I want to do the board
Yuya:Im doing the board
Makino:No I am,I already got the board rubber
Yuya:No you dont
Makino:*looks into her hand*you baka
She fight with him until they get into an akward position,she is at the side of the wall with him infront of her,he leans
forward and places his lips on hers.She pushes him off her
Yuya:You got lucky(chapter 2)
She slaps him and runs out the room and starts crying and runs to Midori's house

Midori:Daijabou?What happened
Makino didnt answer her but cried herself to sleep


Midori:Ne Makino wake up
She sees that Makino is having a fever and wets a cloth and places it on her head
Midori:I wonder what happened that night,Ill should call Yumi
*She reaches out for a phone when a hand touches her*
Makino:No dont disturb her
Midori:Makino,what happened yesterday
Midori:He kissed you?Shouldnt you be happy?
Makino:But I dont like him
Midori:Only if that happened with me and Hikaru
Makino:Oh yeah,how did the shopping go?
Midori:It was okay,Hikaru was being a bit stupid and them two(Jin and Yumi) were just snogging
She reaches her hand into her bag and pulls out an item
Midori:Douzo I bought you some lipgloss
Makino:Thanks I was running out

*next day in school*

Break time-Makino goes out for a walk

"Did you enjoy kissing him?"

As she heard this she turned around to find Yu Kay,one of the prettiest girls in her class who is going out with Yuya

Kay:I saw you two kissing yesterday after school
Makino:*gulp*its not what you think.....
Kay:Save it,you should know how to fight
Kay:Girls,shes ready
As Kay walks out a group of girls walk in and start kicking her leg leaving her to limp back to class
Midori:You're back
Yumi:Why are you limping?
Makino:Just dropped,you know how clumsy I am
Yumi:Becareful from now on

Kay and Yuya are at Yuyas house

Kay:Pitiful isnt she
Kay:Makino,she lied to her own friends
Yuya:Would do you mean?
Kay:You dont think she really dropped did you?
Yuya:well didnt she
Kay:No,some of the girls just warned her about the kiss
Yuya:Huh,You idiot,I was the one who kissed her,I like her okay,how is she gonna dance now?
He rushes out the house to look for her

Makino P.O.V

You came out the house and walked dangerously on the roads,you paused as you rembered what happened at school,when his
lips touched yours,you didnt know what to do.You thought you heard a horn but still paused,Someone pushed you out the
way and landed on top of you,you looked up at this figure.

Yuya:I dont care if you dont like me for kissing you but you dont need to get yourself run over,do you know how worried
you got me,I thought the most important person in my life,come on lets go home,Is your leg okay?
Makino stood up and tried walking on her foot
Yuya:How is it?
Makino:Its fixed
She smiled at him and hugged him
Yuya:Come on,its getting late,you can crash at my house today
Makino agreed and walked home with him

Jin:Okairi...Ne didnt I tell you to not try it with my cousin
Makino:We're not trying anything and why wouldn't you allow us to?
Yuya and Jin:Huh?
Jin:Yuya what did you do to her
Makino:You boys.....what is there to eat?*looks in fringe* empty,what do you people eat?
Makino:No wonder there's something wrong with your brains,I'll cook today
Jin:Then how about shabu shabu(hotpot?)?
Yuya:and onigiri
Makino quickly whips up some food and watches them eat
Jin:We should invite you more often
Makino:Shut up

2 hours later,they all get ready to go to bed

Yuya:You can sleep on my bed,we have a futon
Makino:No,I'll feel bad,anyway,your bed is big enough for the both of us.
Yuya:But I might attack you
Makino:I'll wouldn't let you
Yuya:If you say so
They both sleep together for the night.
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omg this is nice(: haha
cant wait for the next one(:
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you actually put it in here~!
I thought I could just read it in your proffy pages~

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whoa soo fast~
kyaa its just like HYD!
haha love it~
more onegai~ ^_^
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wah...the story seemed to run fast!
but it was nice!
continue to post more ne~
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Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Thanks everyone
Arigato Shie-chan
To Deen: Only the start bit is like HYD
To Geh-san: Okay i will
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Here is the next chapter

Chapter 4:Yabu you perv and help with with the live show please

Yuya wakes up to find the bed empty,but he decides to go to the toilet first before checking on Makino,but when he walks
up to the toilet but he only finds her there creaming her legs,legs stretched out,both arms creaming her legs,chest showing,
he looks lower but quickly runs inside.
Yuya:Calm down
Makino walks in the room
Makino:Yuya,are you okay?
Yuya:Why wouldn't I be?
Makino:Your nose is bleeding
Yuya:Huh????????*Thinks:Kyaaaaa,I had a nosebleed*
Yuya quickly runs to thhe toliet, washes his face and comes back in to the living room,Jin coming in at the same time and Makino standing up
Jin:Makino,what are you wearing,put some clothes on
Makino:Whats wrong with what Im wearing
Jin:Well first of all,your shorts are short and your vest show a bit too much
Makino:Mou,it's not like any stranger is here,or anyone is gonna start perving.

Ding Dong

Jin goes and opens the door
Jin:Oh,its only Yabu
Yabu:*walks in*What do you mean its only Yabu*He looks around the room and sees Makino,he runs up to her and hugs her*
Makino-chan I miss you
Makino:I miss you too now get of me
Jin:Yabu stop perving
Makino:Argh,dont touch me there
Jin:Yabu*He breaks them two up*if you touch her one more time you'll be dead,plus shes already going out with Yuya
Yabu:Yuya how can you do this to me?
Yuya:We're no...
Jin:They even slept in the same bed
Yabu:Huh,Makino how can you do this to me especially with him?
Makino:Jin stop being so mean
Jin:He needs to stop perving on you.
Yabu:Mou~Im not perving,I just came to tell Yuya that we have a meeting today at 9pm
Yuya:Sou ka
Jin:You can go now
Yabu:Im going already
Yabu:Ja-ne love you Makino
Makino:I dont
Yabu leaves and time goes by quickly
Yuya:Ja Ive got to go now
Makino:Mmmm ja-ne
He leaves the house


Daiki:Okay I gathered this because we need to rehearse for our live show
Yuya:When is it?
Daiki:In 4 days,also we need to find a girl in particular,who is pretty,can sing,dance and play the piano
Chinen:How are we supposed to find her
Hikaru:I know someone
Hikaru:Yuya cant we get Makino to do it
Daiki:Can she sing?
Daiki:And finally can she play piano?
Yuto:Were did you find someone so cool?
Yabu:It's his girlfriend
Inoo:You and Makino are going out?
Yuya:No Yabu you-
Yabu:They even slept in the same bed yesterday
Yuya:Yabu,why dont you just tell the whole world?
Yabu:I will
Keito:Yuya already got a girlfriend?
All:Ooooooooh Yuya~
Yuya:Yabu,Im gonna kill you

Back home 12 am

Yuya:Why arent you asleep
Makino:I couldnt
Yuya:Oh yeah,Makino know HSJ
Yuya:They asked if you can do a live show with us,onegai,your my only hope
Makino:Only if you let me call you Yuuyan~
Yuya:You already gave me a nickname
Makino:It sounded kawaii,and when is this live show?
Yuya:In 4 days
Makino:Alright,go eat and get to sleep

Yuya goes off to eat

Next Day after school


Daiki:I wonder what this girl is like~
Chinen:Yuya and her are on there way now


Chinen rushes to the door and sees Yuya

Chinen:They're here
Makino:Hajimemashite(nice to meet you)
Daiki:Dont do introductions yet...JUMP COME DOWNSTAIRS
Everyone rushes downstairs and gathers
Chinen:*whispers to Morimoto*She is kirei(pretty)
Morimoto:Very pretty at that
Chinen:I can see why Yuya choses her
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
aww poor yabu!
he was mistaken to be a pervert
but in fact he's not!...aww...

ooh that's really soo good!
takaki and makino are officially going out!!

oh yeah!
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kyaaa !!
takaki and makino are goin out now !! :w00t:
more please :)
ganbatte ne ?

-- If you're interested, you can read my fic "Bench-chan"
*bows and leaves*
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