Lee Min Ho's ISPlus Interview

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Lee Min Ho's ISPlus Interview

ISplus (IS): The “Crash Min Ho” scene at the PaekSang Arts Awards was a hot topic.
Lee Min Ho (LMH): I was embarrassed and humiliated. However, fans warmly cheered me on. I could verify my fans’ love.

IS: What is your life motto?
LMH: “Those who give up cannot gain victory.” It’s not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself.

IS: Have you had a crisis in life that was difficult to endure?
LMH: The car accident I experienced in 2006. During the six months I had to stay at the hospital, I worried a lot about what I would do if I could no longer act. At first, I broke down thinking I may not even be able to walk again.

IS: What method do you use to relieve extreme stress?
LMH: I simply sleep. If I feel like the stress is still there when I wake up, I go back to sleep until the stress goes away. There was a time in the past when I slept for 24 hours straight.

IS: Which negative comment had the biggest impression on you?
LMH: It wasn’t an internet comment; it was a malicious remark that was broadcast. When Gag Concert character Wang Bi Ho (Yoon Hyung Bin) said, “Lee Min Ho, what are you going to do when Boys Over Flowers finishes?” (negative connotation - “What the heck is going to happen to you after BOF finishes?), my chest felt a chill. Figure out how to make a transition from the Gu Jun Pyo character is a big homework project for me.

IS: What do you consider the most when looking at women?
LMH: Her overall style and feeling is most important. Even if she is not beautiful, my heart can be pulled by a strong feeling that comes to me.

IS: When/Where/Who was your first kiss?
LMH: It was in my first year of high school (grade 10) with my girlfriend in front of her house.

IS: If you get a girlfriend, what kind of present would you most want?
LMH: I just wish I had a girlfriend. A girlfriend in herself is the present what I want most.

IS: Approximately when did you date your last girlfriend? How long ago was it, what age and what occupation does she have?
LMH: I haven’t had a girlfriend since I dated a fellow university student when I was 20 (Korean age).

IS: If you get a girlfriend, what endearing nickname would you want to call her?
LMH: It would be different depending on her style.

IS: It must have been perplexing when photos of you with some female colleagues were publicized on the internet a while ago.
LMH: It was a little exasperating. They are pictures that could hurt me. Even though they weren’t my girlfriend, people misconstrued them to be. I felt so sorry toward the other people in the photos due to the malicious gossip that was spread.

IS: What will you do if your parents oppose your marriage like Boys Over Flowers’ Gu Jun Pyo?
LMH: I would run away with her. Even if we have to elope (”flight by night”), I would marry her.

IS: Which female actress do you want to co-star opposite?
LMH: I would like to work with my ideal type, Song Hye Kyo sunbae (senior). Although she has an elegant and classic style, her charisma is also strong and her acting talent is outstanding. If we act together, I think I could learn a lot from her. But I’d probably tremble (be nervous) a lot .

IS: Who is the person you want to meet most?
LMH: I would like to meet Hollywood actor, Edward Norton. The way he gives off a comfortable vibe while oozing out charisma is so impressive. If I meet him, I’d request, “I’d like you to be my master (teacher)”. First, I think I need to diligently learn English.

IS: Which athlete do you like the most?
LMH: Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo. On top of having extraordinary talent, he is also good looking. I also dreamt of being a soccer player when I was in elementary school. If I was able to continue playing soccer, maybe I would have been an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo by now.

IS: What kind of food do you like and is there anything you’re good at cooking?
LMH: I like all meats and am good at cooking all meats. Cooking method? I just grill/roast it. I have a secret grilling method. Beef, pork, chicken, etc. - there’s a different grilling method for each meat. Even if it’s the same meat product, you will marvel if you taste the meat I grill.

IS: Which song is your specialty at karaoke?
LMH: Toy’s “내가 잠시 너의 곁에 살았다는 걸”. Although Boys Over Flowers‘ Jun Pyo has a rough and defiant image, I’m a sweet romantic. Although I don’t have a talent in singing, I [still] sing because people tell me I do it coolly.

IS: What are some objects that you always carry around in your bag?
LMH: I make sure to pack cologne because I want to be a fragrant guy all the time.

IS: What is your drinking capacity? Which alcohol do you like, where do you drink and with whom?
LMH: I can’t really drink much. It’s difficult to drink past three shots of soju. The alcohol I like are western liquors, although I can’t drink past one or two glasses. I’m not picky about the location. I can adapt to any environment and enjoy myself. However, I want to drink with people I’m comfortable with and who don’t pressure me to drink alcohol.

IS: Do you have any jinxes, superstitions or customs?
LMH: I get injured during every film or movie project. Even if I’m careful, I get injured due to unforeseen circumstances.

IS: Do you have any sleeping habits?
LMH: They say I grind my teeth and talk gibberish. When we go on vacation, my friends try to avoid sleeping with me.

IS: Which three objects would you take with you if you had to be stuck on a deserted island?
LMH: A bed, a lighter, and a cellular phone. I’ll need to take a good bed in order to sleep well. Even if I’m on a deserted island, I’ll need to cook the food in order to eat it. Especially for someone like me who loves meat, a lighter is a mandatory requirement. Even if I’m stuck on the deserted island, I’d need to talk with people on the phone so that I don’t get bored. Plus, I have a lot of games downloaded on my cellphone.

IS: Name a characteristic that you’re jealous of from each F4 member.
LMH: Kim Beom’s small face, Kim Joon hyung’s big eyes, and Kim Hyun Joong’s white (pale) face. Still, overall, I’m still the best.

Source: KPculture
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