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Hello, welcome this is the Amulet Clover or Suu Dorm of the group. We decided to make this because of the suggestions amd approval of the moderators. Please don't copy it was originally thought of Nadeshiko-chan (Misha___chan). The only ones who can post here are:

Amulet Clover/Dorm President - Zo135
Suu/Dorm VPresident - not taken
Clover Egg/Secretary - not taken
Clover Symbols/Members - Hikiragi,krishel

This is where the members and dorm leaders of Remake Honey discuss,talk,chat,play and do almost anything they like. Those not mentioned above are not allowed to post here. Amulet Clover
(not taken) will be leading the activities and games for this dorm and her other responsibilities mentioned as the dorm president, Suu (not taken) will assist her and will invite others to join the Remake dorm and obviously Clover Egg or secretary (not taken) assist them both and write all the rule-breakers and important members and events she will warn or notify them.

If you are interested in joining this dorm, please click this URL:
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We need more members.........................
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im here!
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