Would this be a fun game?
Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/21/07
I just watched a video where these men were trying to shoot a lion, and the lion kicked their ass'. I think a fun action/stealth game would be if you played as a wild animal. Like you could be a lion in Africa, and you gotta kill some guys, or you're an elephant or anything. You could fight anyone from tourists to hunters. With enemies having weapons like high powered guns or natives with sticks. Multiplayer would be lot's of fun, playing as the animals or hunters, get 16 tigers online sneaking up on a camp of poachers. What do you think?

***Story mode: The King Lion, ruler of all the animals on earth, has realised that now is the time to attack the humans. The year is 2010, and the humans are worried about so many things, they would never see the invasion happening. The king gives the order to start the invasion of the human world. Working together, the animals will take back what was theres countless years ago. You start off as a lion, in Africa, and you go around the world to rally the troops. Sneaking through grasslands, cities, boats, ect. You can choose the order in which places you want to travel in any order, and your goal is to take over the world. You can create a pack of 16 animals that you find along the way to help you, and you can switch back and forth whenever.
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