Post Reply Is the "Gay-Dar" the new ESP??
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
Honestly, wuts up with this " Gay-dar" phenomenon??? I want to know if some people find it offensive ( if u do then why) or not (why?) I do have to say though, if it's not ESP, then I think I have some serious magical powers. I can tell if a man or woman is gay the second i meet them. ( And I know what ur thinking- thats judging people) But it's not like that.Some people act a certain way- but that DOES NOT determine their orientation. I just know. But I think that's because Im bisexual so...... What r ur thoughts??
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It would be practical and convenient having that kind of ESP. It would sure save some time.
But if other "magical abilities" were to choose from. I'd rather be a shapeshifter or be able to throw fire,
talk to animals, become a demon, have supernatural metabolism... The list is endless

Btw: I don't find it offensive, but if it was coming from a straight person it would sound pretty much like prejudice.
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Haha, I was talking to my freind about this the other day. She was like "If you don't have a gaydar, you're psychic."
The reason she said that is because I knew 5 of our friends were bisexual and 2 were gay before they even did, including her.
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Posted 7/20/09 , edited 7/20/09
LOL!! I wish I had a gaydar! I have no gaydar what's so ever! i think we should have one built-in because, hey i'll help us stop from hitting on straight girls and I'll be alot easier in finding a partner.

Seriously though, I don't find it offensive. I have always been mistaken fro a straight girl and when i say that I'm gay they dont believe me. The only way I can tell if someone is gay is if they're wearing something rainbow. But it dosent prove to be 100% efficient. But I have 1 on my wrist so that sorta counts, right?
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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13
I do have a gay dar; however, it very seldom works the way I want it to.
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Posted 9/27/14 , edited 9/27/14
I like to think I have good gaydar. Most of the time I can at least detect if a woman is attracted to women. Being able to tell if they are strictly lesbian on the other hand, though... That usually doesn't work out as well.
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