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describe your ideal lover
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
for me my ideal guy should have this physical traits:

-asian looking face (cute face doesn't have to be HOT!!)
-healthy looking hair
-doesn't have to be buff but not obese

emotional traits/ attitude

-understanding on my crazy moods
-respectful (i hate Rude people)

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24 / F
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
~ cool

~ funny

~ sexy hair / nice

~ not mean

~ has a nice ass

~ a body I can eat

..... (sign ) and many more .... I dont feel like thinking
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
There's no such thing as an ideal lover. If there were, everyone would be happy and there would be no cheating or divorce. But I guess it's nice to dream, and I guess people can't help being who they are.

I just want a guy that can take care of his responsibilities and is fun to hang out with. All this other crap you guys are talking about is just...unrealistic.
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
- who recognize my existance
- appreciates me
- have a sense of humor
- and other things..
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24 / M / In The Abyss
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
First Guy Post?

My Ideal Girl Would Be:
-A little shorter than me
-A little dumb, but not idiotic
-Asian (Black hair, smallish eyes, etc.)
-Can understand me, this is difficult
-Long hair
-Can be moe, but fine without, but glasses would be awesome
-A lot more, it's like I have it all thought out.....I have to get a life...
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27 / M / Colorado
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
First and foremost, someone who enjoys the things I enjoy, and who enjoys being around me. Though, I do have some preferences in physical features.

Preferably shorter than me, though she doesn't have to be really short or anything.

Short hair is a must. I don't know why, but I LOVE short hair. Not man short, but above the shoulders. Also, dyed hair is so sexy. I like abnormal colors like white or blue.

I'm not shallow or anything, but I'm more attracted to a girl when she has decent curves and is moderately slender.

I've got a thing for piercings. Ear piercings, nose piercings, nipple piercings, whatever, I love em.

A clean face. I mean, if she has acne or freckles that's okay, but if she does have acne, she should be doing something to take care of it. I like a nice clean face.
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
the male version of me
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
<---------------------my avatar though it has to be a chocolate girl

Edit to below: Hahaha and you're a chocuqueen
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
^ omg i love that commercial.

OT: uhm good personality?
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29 / M / Canada-Brampton
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
Doesnt have to be special. Just an average girl. =D
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28 / F / Right there
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09
I' weird.... would like my lover to be invisible, silent and if its possible nonexistent

I'm single and happy like that
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/26/09

My ideal lover is ideal

Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
○smexy hair
○blue/green/brown/gray eyes
○crazy like me
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In the very same...
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
faithful i guess....and a good personality
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
Well, first off, I'm attracted to asian dudes. xD It's not cause I'm part asian or anything, since I don't really find Mongolian guys hot and all, it's cause they're just... idk! I love them (: Especially Japanese dudes like come on just look at their face structure. * _ * Oh, and Korean dudes too! <3 The BEST thing would be having a half Japanese and half Korean dude. xD

Second, they should play an instrument and/or play in a rock band. Why? Because that's what I do. XD LOL and who doesn't like a rockstar? ;D *J-Rockstars especially ;D*

Third, their HAIR must be well... really cool and awesome! I don'y care about the colour but at long as it's unique or different it's great.

Piercings and tattoos!! I love them on a dude. <3

Finally, I'd want my guy to have a really great personality. Someone who can take my jokes and laugh at them and won't be offended. xD Someone who would love me as much as I love them, and someone who's going to be there for me no matter what!

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