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Posted 3/26/09 , edited 4/3/09
Hey guys tatsuhiro-hitomi back w/ a new WWE Forum and this time I wanna focus on d video games of WWE. Now what feature does ALL WWE games have that we STILL use to day........Create-A-Superstar. Now to d artistic ones they create Wrestlers on their own while guys like me have to go to different sites provided d formula on how 2 create dat wrestler like this site called this is my source of CAWs now here's my Question: Who is/are d CAWs you enjoyed creating in ANY WWE Game (Includes the newly released Legends of WrestleMania)

Here are my TOP CAWs:

BOBBY LASHLEY: this guys my VERY first CAW I created in SvR 2006 there was this specific award in 06 that only a CAW can accomplish so I decided to make one and Lashley was like the right choice for me cuz he was new and he reminded of Brock Lesnar back in the day so he was one of my fave CAWs.

SPAWN: I stopped making CAWs after 06 cuz I didn't felt like making one plus I didn't know back then so I just unlocked wrestlers, movesets, etc. in d game. Luckily in SvR 09 the new Roster Editor really helped because I can finally have a brand to put my CAWs (All My CAWs are FREE AGENTS). I chose this dude because I wanted my CAWs to be different this time I want to have a roster of Non-wrestlers and Spawn is one of the guys that fits the bill.

ONSLAUGHT: If u recall this guy is like the boss in Marvel vs Capcom I think he was a good Non-wrestler to create cuz even though the formula was in the X-Box 360 version he still looked good in the PS2 version and I din't have to exceed the maximum amt of Layers (Limit of Layers in CAW in PS2:32) So this is like my impenetrable force in my CAWs cuz he's BIG next to my Jason Voorhees and The Hulk CAWs.

ALTAIR: The main protagonist of the hit game Assassin's Creed his formula was on SvR 2008 but I gave it a try at SvR 2009 and he turned out pretty good. As of now he has the HIGHEST Overall in my CAWs with a wopping 95 (Other guys on d Roster who has an overall of 95 are Undertaker and Randy Orton) and I plan to make a heel superstar w/ d same overall as Altair's still undecided who can be a perfect candidate though.

So who is/are d CAWs you Enjoyed Creating?????

NOTE: Oh Yeah in this forum you can also post formulas of CAWs if u like it though
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Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/28/09
Interesting topic. Over the years I've made tons like Solid Snake, Ken Masters and R.Mika from Street Fighter, Moleman from the Simpsons, King and Paul Phoenix from Tekken, and so forth. BTW I do know Onslaught since I'm huge into fighting games!

Here are the ones I got in my current version for the PS2 I own from Raw vs. SD 2006 (I don't buy each one every year so like sports games, I'm selective about it):

-Independent wrestlers Lufisto (IWS in Quebec) and Matt Cross/M-Dogg 20 (ROH) because I've met them both, got DVDs from them both to study their moves and look, and they're fun to use!

-Faust from Guilty Gear who is mainly a joke character with moves. Nothing like the tallest cruiserweight ever!

-Rock Lee from Naruto and Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: My tag champs of kicking butt and I even got some spiral like moves they use too like in the animes.

-Cammy from Street Fighter: Another fun one where I can also play the game and add moves similar to them in the game in her CAW.

And of course I always make a CAW of myself for fun, and friends tend to do so too on my game! All in good fun! Good topic!
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