[request] Photo Manipulation !
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Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
Welcome to our Photo Manipulation thread !

If you want your picture to turn from this:

to this:

then request now !

R U L E S :
1. Upload HIGH-QUALITY pictures ^^
2. Please specify whether you want us to:

3. You may request 2 photos at a time only.
4. PG-13 is a must !
5. Please don't ask us to put text in your images. ^^ We will only edit / improve it for you and nothing else. ^^
6. You may request the editted picture of yours to be an avatar. Just tell it to the mod who will make it for you. ^^

F O R M A T :

w/c mod?:
what will we do w/ the pic?:
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