Miyavi Married!?
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/27/09
Rumor has it MIyavi got married or is getting married to a woman named Melody an attractive singer. She is Japanese but was born in Hawaii, 27 years of age. It is also said they are EXPECTING. O.O He's going to confirm it on APRIL 5, 2009. (if the rumor is true then claps for them. Miyavi deserves a normal life even though he's in visual kei and it would be so kawaii to know that there will be a mini-miyavi! But if not then yayness and plus many fangirls would be relieved!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA....either way I support Miyavi through thick and thin.)

if you want to know where I heard the stuff, here's the link...

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Posted 5/10/09 , edited 5/10/09
Miyai is getting married. He said so in his blog and his baby is due this summer :3 Omedeto Miyavi
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