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Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/28/09
As I mentioned before, I am trying to affiliate this group with others and to do that, we need an interesting banner that will catch attention. There are really no restrictions except:
-pg13 (or lower)
-keep in mind the group's image (no gross overly bloody banners)
-must include "Delano" and "RPG of the Night"

Please help make this group bigger and remember to invite your friends!

Here are a few I did really quick:

If you want to use the font that is in these banners (and the ones on the main page) you can download it at Just search for Inked God.

UPDATE: Somebody is doing me the favor of making a 'real" banner. This contest will stll be held but the winner's banner will not be the group's main banner.
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