Shinn vs Outside Gundam mecha
Posted 3/27/09 , edited 3/28/09
2 choices: Toga and Sol Gravion, Renton and Nirvash typeZERO vs Shinn n Destiny

here is how it is set. ok i start

Toga: More mature than shinn, Toga has less Anger problems.
Sol Gravion: Outpowers Destiny and has a more powerful sword.
Renton: Punky little kid. he may be 14 but can kick shinn's butt easily. he ha sless Anger poblems.
Nirvash typeZERO spec 1/2/3: has more perfomance than Destiny. it may lak a ASS but can use its power up 2 blow away Shinn
Toga n Renton>Shinn, Gravion n TypeZERO>Destiny
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