The Forest's Path
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Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
I need in sight, I'm stuck.

One lost,
Once wandering,
Will wander back,
Uttering promises once unkept,
Glowing with a light most bright,
Wings of wind,
Hair of fire,
Face of water,
Clothes of Earth,
Fate on shoulders.

The scorching hot summer sun pierced Ellie’s skin as she stared at the long, winding forest path. The trees surrounding the mysterious pathway swayed in a slight breeze, enchanting Ellie.
Go. Follow the path!
Ellie’s adventurous spirit yearned to do just that. The only thing anchoring her feet was her common sense, and the voice in the back of her head.
Her curiosity took her over as she asked, “Where does that path go?”
Her dad smiled, “Don’t know. Everyone who followed the path was never seen again. I’d advise you to not follow it.”
Even though it was meant as a warning, there was a tinge of excitement in his voice and it made Ellie want to run toward the path even more.
“Well, let’s set up for the picnic shall we?”
“Yeah.” answered Ellie, still staring at the path.

During, and after, the meal, Ellie couldn’t take her eyes off the path. When her father started to clean up she said, “Dad, we couldn’t like, you know, campout…right?” Her dad smiled, “I thought you might say that. Come on; help me unload the camping supplies. I’ll call your mother and tell her we’ll be staying after all.”
Ellie frowned at how predictable her Dad made her seem, but she was too happy to say anything, “Okay.” She said.

Ellie watched the path, unable to look away. Her feet twitched, wanting badly to run toward the path.
Go! Quickly, GO!
Ellie jumped, startled, “What? Huh?”
“Your marshmallows are burning!” Her dad grinned.
Ellie’s father laughed and shook his head as she quickly pulled out and stomped on the flaming marshmallows.
“Time for bed, El.” Her dad grinned.
“…Night then I guess, Dad.”
Ellie lay down.

Ellie lay awake for hours, tossing and turning. Finally she couldn’t take it any longer.
“Sorry, Dad.” She whispered. She packed some food, a flashlight, her sleeping bag, and kissed her Dad on the cheek.
“I’ll be back.” She whispered.
Ellie walked toward the path, excited and scared.

The sun had risen and Ellie was tired. She kept walking because she knew she hadn’t traveled very far. She kept walking until lunch, when she stopped to eat some crackers, a couple marshmallows, and some berries and nuts she found. Despite the hurry she was in she still set up camp at dusk and slept all night. She left at dawn. She continued like this for 3 day. On the third night, as she lay on her sleeping bag, something amazing happened. A bright light blinded Ellie. As it dissipated, Ellie heard a hum. The hum was not a sound you could ever hear from any earthly being. It became loud whispers and soft cries. It spoke words that were nonsense, yet they were as sweet as a lullaby sung to a sleeping baby. Ellie was enchanted. She swayed and hummed the song as if she knew it by heart. Soon, there came a dull pain from her shoulders and her bones ached. She started to tremble. A sharp pain erupted from the area of the dull pain.

Should I let it devlop more before asking your opinion?
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Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
There is a thread for posting written stories here:

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