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29 / M / Land of darkness
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Friday 27/03/2009

Ayoma – I just can’t understand, why you do this all the time dani? Eating and running away without paying?
Dani - this is one way to make people hate you right?
Ayoma -right but why you want people to...
Dani - because if I died no buddy will miss me
Ayoma - idiot Dani...
Ironoside - {is this boy is really strong as she said?}
Ayoma - any way lets go
(they started to continue their walk)
Dani - Mr.Ironoside why you came to this city?
Ironoside - I am here to register in Sora tournament
Dani - Sora tournament? Then I think this make us enemy right?
Ironoside - y...
(Ayoma hit Dani with a punch)
Ayoma - can't we talk as friends for nowwww?
Dani – ahh!! no hahahahaha
(Ayoma looked at Dani with fury)
Dani – yes yes yes ..yes of course we are friends right Ironoside? {What evil face she had}
(Ayoma have happy face now)
Ayoma - good boy
Ironoside - {friends..huh}
Ayoma - oh what is that?
(There was a big balloon in front of them)
Dani - it’s a balloon and they use it for transferring people all over the city
Ayoma – let’s try it
Dani - huh? Ok I will go first
Ayoma – waittttt, you want to get a ride without paying right?
Dani - huh?hahaha… What are you talking about huh? {Damn how she find out?}
Ayoma - you will come with us ok?
Dani - ok sir
Ayoma - what about you Ironoside do you like to get a ride?
Ironoside – umm…I can't..
Ayoma - why?
Ironoside - hmmm because I don't have any money with me....
Ayoma -then how you came to register in Sora tournament?
Ironoside – don’t tell…….registering in Sora tournament need money too?
Ayoma -of course but don’t worry, because I said lets be friends means we are friends now and friends help and support each other too, so i will help you with my money
Ironoside - but...
Ayoma - no extra word you can repay to me latter, now let’s get in the balloon together
(Ayoma went toward the balloon )
Dani - lets move Ironoside
Ironoside - ...
(Ironoside and Dani went after her also)
(in big and dark castle [Hayo’s Castle])
(Kagomi came back)
Shitoro - welcome back Kagomi
Kagomi - sorry for the late father. Where is big brother?
Shitoro - he went in a mission and he didn't return until now
Kagomi - destroying darkness’s waves?
Shitoro - yes but how did you discovered that?
Kagomi – in fact every time you get on a mission he became very anxious about you, so I know it he will do something like this to help you
Shitoro - {Kagomi...} so how was your little brother?
Kagomi - not bad I healed him completely but he still the same as always....
Shitoro - don't worry Kagomi he will be fine
Kagomi - father can we be together like before?
Shitoro - Kagomi I will do my best so we can live like before, for now you don't have to worry too much go and rest you need to relax
Kagomi - .....
(In the balloon)
Ayoma - it’s so big city
Ironoside - what is that green castle over there?
Dani - it’s the king of Sora country castle.
Ironoside - king? {Is this mean shino lives there?}
Dani - and near the castle there is the place where the tournament will accrue
Ironoside - that big stadium?
Dani - yes
Ayoma - the balloon is going to sit
(in Green’s castle in Midoriiro’s city the room that Ren was resting)
Otara - is she going to be fine?
Akosh Nasam (doctor-man) : don't worry she will became fine, at this moment she just need to rest
(Otara came out from the room and she saw Fira is there too )
Kora - did you find anything master?
Fira - ...
(a solder come there)
Solder - The king want to meet Mr.Fira
Otara - my father want to meet Fira?...............................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter15

Writer : Ironoside
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27 / F
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
yay, sora tournament coming closer!! can't wait to see what will happen^^
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/30/09
next chapter please
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
Sonna!! how that girl bit dani everytime ..Sou,Sou,Sou dani i'm with you ..that girl is evil
wo0o0ow they becoming near and closer from registering in Sora tournament ...that interesting ..
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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
ur ARE AWSOME <3 <3 Yami-chaaaaaan
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