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Greetings Citizens! If you are Interested in Role-playing hen Please Introduce Yourselves here and Sign up By Filling in the Application Form
Here is the Format for the Application Form.....Fill it completely without leaving anything out.

Applicant Form : -
1) Cr Username
2) Role-Playing Name (Can be the Same as username)
3) Age
4) Background
5) Personality
6) Desired Position
7) Your Picture (Role-Playing One , Not your real one =.=)
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1) Loxygirl
2) Kala Akuaura and little sis Kara Akuaura
3) 13 and 11
4) At the age of two Kala's family was murdered by her older sister. She ran and saved her little sister. Her family was royal so she is extremly rich. She is the princess of her land. She and her sister can control all five elements. But only Kala can transforms into her true wolf form.
5) Kala is a brave,daring,quiet,kind,sweet,strong,girl. At times though if you get her mad she is a walking horror film. Kara on the other hand is tough,stubbon,hard-headed,rude,loud,insane girl. This is how Kala was berfore she turned 13. Then Kala mellowed out. Kara on the other hand will always be who she is.
6) Demon


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