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What do you do when your stuck in your past? And moving onto the future isn't even a choice? ♥

Chapter 1 - - *M o m e n t I n T i m e*

Wondering. . . Wondering... Places... I've Never Been Before... But Look So Familiar... Years Pass By, People Move Onto The Future, But What Do I Do...? Stay In My Past Till I Can Understand It... Until I Can Fully Appreciate It... But If I Leave... I Will Forget My Past, And That's Just As Worse As Moving Onto The Future. . . I Don't Want To Forget About You <3

//Flashback. From. The. Past\\
The seconds ticked on the round shaped clock, I sighed more impatiently every second, tapping my feet constantly. My house cat drifting away from me, out of the tan colored room, purring and purring. The time was finally 00:5 and I walked out of my imprisonment finally, I could feel that person's presence around, his whole presence made me shiver with anger. We approached each other daringly. Stared each other off; then we walked passed each other with smirks. He said something to me that made me stop my walking away. He said, "You know, only one of us is good at lying around here." I looked back at him, and he looked back at me. We gazed at each other until I thought of something to say back to him. "That would most likely be you." I steadily said, confidentially as I could. He snickered annoyingly. "We'll see tonight. During dinner." He swiftly turned away and walked off, laughing. My fists trembled. God damn, I hate that kid. *Meow?* My cat, Barnes cuddled my leg with its furry, fragile body. I ignored my cat's tenderness. There isn't enough words to explain how much I freaken' hate that kid!! It always seems like a damn competition with him!

>w< More in April
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oooh, sounds good :3
And cute picture ^^
*plays with the kitty*
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^W^ thanxs :]
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