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Tobi kicks Naruto in the face and mocks his abilities. Naruto flies into one of his clones and then lands in water below. Hinata is alarmed but Sakura tells her Naruto will be fine, just keep an eye on their enemy. Yamato and Kakashi figure Tobi is just playing with them. The Pains see numbers on father toad’s back and figure it’s a secret code. One Pain fires his forearm at Jiraiya and the toad, destroying the land they were on. The toad disappears while Jiraiya's body sinks into the depths. Jiraiya thinks that his tale may have a better conclusion now and what a fine end for him. But what to call the sequel to the book he wonders?... "The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto” would work nicely he decides. Jiraiya disappears into the murk and in Konoha Tsunade rests and tries to drink her worries away. She looks on forlorn and watches a toad jump into the water. Elsewhere Naruto bursts from the water and Tobi asks what new game should they play? Naruto says they don't have time for this. Shino states they have to finish pursuing Sasuke. Kiba replies that since Shino wasn't around the last time they went after Sasuke, he's expecting a lot of him this time around. Yamato says they should move to formation B and everyone acknowledges. Back in Rain, Pain contemplates that if not for his secret, he would have lost that battle. Zetsu emerges and states Pain sure took his time, his other half interjects that he was fighting Jiraiya after all. Pain states that Madara directed him to capture the Kyuubi and he can come watch. Zetsu then gets into an argument with himself about which fight to watch next. Elsewhere Itachi replies "His death"?... well lets see how good those eyes are then.

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