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Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
Akanishi is returning, but not to KAT-TUN - several tabloids have printed that he will be coming back to Johnny's Jimusho to either go solo or debut with a new unit. They also reported that there things aren't going well between Akanishi and Johnny's Jimusho's top management. If the Jimusho lets him come back, there will be certain conditions to be met. Reporters maintain that it is unlikely for Akanishi to return to KAT-TUN, saying that though a solo career is not impossible, it rather looks as if the Jimusho will enter him into a new unit. Though there has been the public opinion that KAT-TUN's popularity suffered because of Akanishi's absence, reporters point to the fact that all of KAT-TUN's goods sell well and that it is already hard to get a concert ticket.

It is unclear whether those reports are true. It can be taken as fact though that Akanishi Jin is back in Japan, and that there have been conflicts between him and the Jimusho.

Last week Shûkan Jisshin posted an article that Akanishi is currently residing in Taguchi Junnosuke's house.

Here's the site where i got it from
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