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Posted 4/3/09 , edited 4/3/09
Am I So Bad?

Yes, I have lied.
I’ve shattered your trust.
Yes, I have hurt.
I’ve accused the innocent.
Yes, I have denied.
I’ve said I’m in no wrong.
Yes, I have ignored.
I’ve said no to some in need.
Yes, I have stung.
My eyes are filled with shame.
And yes, I have sinned.
I am only a human being.
And I have only done this for you, my dear friend, for I want you to look at me with caring eyes as I look to you with the same. I want you to acknowledge my existence six hours every day. I want you to come to me once you are in need. I want you to help me when I have done the wrong thing. I want you to smile and say, ‘when I saw this it reminded me of you’. I want you to know me like no other person knew. I want you to be more than a friend. I want you to be my sister, to live under the same roof so we experience everything together. So why am I bad, dear friend? I only do this for you. It is what I live for; a sign of your approval. So hurry, dear friend, before I go insane. Say to me, ‘you don’t need to do this, I already love you, and you need not feel shame.’


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