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Post Reply If yu were a neko?
The Hott Mewmew
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Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/5/09
[Fill this out (: ]

- Where would yu live?

- What kind of food would yu eat? Um Human food >:D

- How would yu look like? um clicky spoiler

- Do yu have a owner? If so, is he/she nice?
Yesh and he is so nice and kawaii ^_~

- Do yu like to go outside to play?YUP! my owner always plays with me!

- What happens if yer hurt?
i mew sadly and my owner runs to me and helps

- When would yu die? i never die muawhahahahah!

- Wut are yu scared of?
Mean abusive ppl -_-

- Wut do yu like the most? my owner and candy!

- Wut do yu hate the most? um ppl that hates nekos

- Do yu lick yerself? sometimes....

- Do yu like yer tail?yep i love chasing it!

- Do yu like being a neko? off course i feel so kawaii and like a kid everyday!
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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
if i were a neko i'd live in tokyo japan and heres a pic of what i look like....i liike being a neko girl better:

and i love to chase and twitch my tail!!! i also love eatin taiyaki and porgy fish!
i'm afraid of mry pond-san and blue-sama-san
i wouldnt die (because i'm part vampire) unless i was slain
i wouldbe super kawaii! nya! there is my cat form...(dressed up though...changed bows and colar fo this photo!)
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