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26 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07
-tell us what you liked to do?
-where you from?
-tell us why you like itachi!

alrite, i start first...
i like to watch animes in my free time especially Naruto! and i am from Singapore. Itachi is soo cool and he rox!
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
Well my favourite anime is Naruto, then fruit basket. I am from England, it so cold! Personally i think that Itachi is cute. I can't believe that i just admitted that. :crazy:.
Posted 1/2/08 , edited 1/3/08
I like to watch anime my fave animes are Claymore, Naruto, and Gundam 00. I'm live in Canada. The reason I like itachi is because of his attitude and all the strong justsus he has at his diposal X3
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24 / F
Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/11/08
I like to watch anime and read mangas. I am from China but I live in New Zealand. I like Itachi because he's cool and powerful
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27 / F / In Your Dreams, B...
Posted 8/2/10 , edited 8/3/10
Username: Yuki-kyo-kira
Name: Yuki/Togi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: October 2
Fav. Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, etc.
Fav. Managa: Skip Beat! (I love almost every manga)
Fav. Color: Blood-red
Fav. Song (not Japanese): Fun House and Bad Romance
Fav. Song (Japanese): Still Doll and You R My Love
Fav. RP Group on CR: Creatures of Destruction
Fav. Anime Group on CR: Anime and Manga Geeks and Shonen Ai and Yaoi
Fav. Other Group on CR: Nothing and Random, Games All Day Long, Forum Forum Forum, and Riddle Me Out
For More Info. on me: Buddy Me!

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