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Post Reply Favorite prince of tennis technique
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25 / F / Behind you!!!! Bo...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
And commenting again! eiji's "kikumaru bazuka" Lol!!!
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/6/08
RYOMA - all of his techniques especially samurai drive
TEZUKA - zero-shiki drop shot and TEzuka zone...also the technique that his body is like glowing..(i forgot its name...**)
FUJI - all of his counters!!
EIJI - his acrobatic plays...kikumaru beam and bazooka
OSHI - moon valley
TAKA-SAN - burning serve and Hadokyuu
MOMO-CHAN - Dunk smash
KAIDOH - snake and boomerang snake..
INUI - data tennis...

in other school///
i like the techniques of KABAJI
NAKAMURA and thev.captain of RIKKAi!
i forgot his name lol...!

so far//
that all i can think as
of this moment!!
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
all of the techniques in POT!!
all of the techniques were so cool!
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Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
Cyclone smash, boomerang snake, fuji's triple counters, tezuka zone, zero sinski dropshot,hadukyuu,Cool drive, Drive A and C,tsubame gaeshi
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23 / F / ↘AnImE wOrLd↙
Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
I rEalLy LyK TEZUKA PHANTOM!! TEZUKA UsEd It 2 dEfEnD SaNaDa'S sPeCiAl MoVe DuRiNg ThE nAtIonaLs!!!BuT i ThInK TEZUKA gOt HiS iNjUrY BaCk BecaUsE oF ThAt!![ThOuGh He KnEw ThAt DoInG tHaT sKiLl WiLl BuRdEn HiS ArM, hE cOnTiNuEd pLaYiNg 4 HiS TeAm!!He'S sO CoOl B)] I aLsO lYk FuJi 7 mOvEs!

GoMeNaSaI! ThErE aRe ToO MaNy PiX.!!
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