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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/9/09
To sign up for a clan, please fill in this form ^-^
once it is filled in your aplication will be accepted by the boss.
Feel free to ba a fallen god, or find another way of giving your self powers if you wish. details of your powers should be in bio. you can only have one power. this can not be changed after set, however can be gained later. their must be a weakness, as in no one hit kills...

Bio (personality, past, power...):
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/9/09
Mafioso faction
caring but battle scared... covered in robes of black and red... mainly leather armor
hidden blade
was raised in the streets of Russia. fought in WWII, as an assassin for Russia. was eventually caught and tortured. in the end he escape killing all that tortured him... but disappered into the snow filld russian forests. ready to use his skill once again for the mother land

accepted by serpenter
Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/9/09
um, thanks for joining. you have been acepted.
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Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/9/09
Name: Velosa Draze

Clan: Burning Sharks

Age: 18

Appearance: Velosa is 6'00 exactly and has a average build. Spikey Long light blue hair reaching down his back, a red long pirate jacket with white belts strapped across the chest diagonaly, white trousers tucked into buckled red boots, black fingerless gloves, and a normal white shirt under his coat.

Weapon: A large scimitar like weapon which is about 5,08 ft, A modified flintlock pistol, and a shot gun.
Abilitys: Velosa's main attribute is his amazing on foot speed being able to reach at least 200 mph tops, however his tendency to mock foes, and his use of a over sized blade makes assinating quite impossible. Static and magnitism links to his own weapons allowing control over his bullets to a certain extent among other things.

Bio (personality, past): "The Saint" Velosa Draze is a well known ex-hero, having once traveld the lands attacking all who commit in-justice. However one day he fought a man who is known to have abnormal thunder abilitys, after a long battle Velosa is hit directly by the mans all powerful thunder strike. The blast sent Velosa soaring across the ocean crashing into a ship about 300 miles away, the crew on board try to touch Velosa but get eletricuted trying. After a few weeks un consciouss Velosa awoke to find him self and his weapons to have been granted magnetic propertys to each other. Velosa thanked the crew for looking after him and began to leave, but is asked to stay and meet their captain, Velosa agreed. Upon meeting the captain he realised him to be his old freind Serpenter Rex, and is brought into their ranks while recovering, and soon makes first mate.

Personality: Cocky, slightly arrogant, brave, shy around girls, has the tendency to stand on high things in the blatant open with Serp and announce their arrival.
Posted 4/8/09 , edited 4/23/09
Name: Serpenter Rex
Clan: The Burning Sharks crew
Age: 17
appearance: Looks:
Physical - Serpenter stands at around 6 foot tall. he has golden-yellow eyes, and flame red hair. his hair rises in huge spikes, natural, due to the amount of heat that he releases subconsciously. when he is exhausted (or when his hair is wet) it droops down, to just below shoulder length. he has a short fringe that spikes down to about his eye level.

Clothing - Serpenter wears a dark blue shirt, with short sleves. it has a gold design on the back, similar to flame. he wears a dark blue hakama of the same shade, which covers most of his black leather boots. his boots have several straps along them, to hold them. serpenter also wears a pair of glove like accessories, that cover his wrists to his fingers, narrowing into a point at the end. these are padded with metal, to allow him to defend against bladed weapons, and certain other forms of attack. the gloves are a shade of gold, with a blue design.
he also sports his trademark trench coat, a long black coat which falls below his ankles. it has extremely large pockets, and a belt, which he always keeps undone, as his coat is very rarely fasted. it has a rising gold flame pattern up its sides and back, similar to that on his shirt.
the trench coat is embeded with steel fiber and other different materials, and is infact much heavier than it appears. the design of the coat also gives it substantial armour like properties.

Weapon: Serpenter's main weapon is his katana sword, Enshokugiri.. it is around seven foot long, hilt to tip, with a 6 foot long blade. he shethes his sword on his left side when not in use. the katana has a steel blade, with a black hilt, wrapped in a black bandege. the bandage is around 10 foot long and is re-enforced with metal fibers.
The weapon is created by serpenter. Within the blade, a thin flame is pumped through, allowing the blade to heat up, and slice through weak metal with ease. The blade glows red, when under the influence of serpenters flame.
the sheath of the sword is black with a golden tip at the end. the tip is sharp enough to be used as an impaling weapon, however this is uncommonly the case.

serpenter also has a heavily modified revolver. it holds 12 shots, and is around two foot long. the gun has enough fire power to destroy a brick wall, and has a hell of a lot of recoil, requiring incredible strength just to fire it. it is black, with gold hilights. this is held at his right side, and less frequently used than his katana.

Bio (personality, past): Serpenter founded the burning sharks pirate crew in order to amuse him self, by causing conflict. Before he was the leader of the sharks, he had became a renown sword master, whom had crushed many beneath him, from the other three clans, in order to further his aim of becoming the best swordsman. Serpenter is a fallen god of fire, and has the ability to create fire and heat, and manipulate them at will.

serpenter acts differently depending on the situations however retains similar mannerisms at all times. most of the time Serpenter is highly wrathful, and incredibly easily angered. he is known for being very violent and aggressive. in addition to this, he is arrogant, and in general, very over confident, easily overestimating his own ability. in general, he has an unlimited potential. he is a good leader, a powerful fighter, and highly determined.

serpenter also has no sense of direction, and can get lost very easily.

i will add infomation on some more of my skills after i use them.
Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/14/09
Clan:Bushido Creed
Appearance:Mostly wears a black cloak when in normal form & the face partially shadowed with the hood...........but still wears a mask
Weapon:10 types.summons using scrolls
Bio (personality, past, power...):thinking over it.
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Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/15/09
Name: William
Clan: Eon knights
Age: 20
appearance: He has dark brun eyes and hair, which reach to his lower back, which he wears it in a ponytail. He has one huge scar going from the top of his right eye down to his cheek, with another one on his chin and a few more on his body. He also has a huge tattoo of a broken cross and torned wings. His skin his very pale, because of wearing his dark armor most of the time. His armor is like is swords, where it from a rare steel that was heat treated many time, but the armor was treated alot more time then the swords, so because of that he his able to wear a very light and small armor that fit the contours of his body perfectly. The helmet has a very simple design other then the three horns that come from the front and side, making is look alot like a crown. The body of the armor looks like he wearing a shirt and you can see his build three it with a spike that stick out from the elbows. The gauntlets look does of a demon has he finger is so sharp that it like they are each one blade. At last his boots area slim, but the tip are pointed and very sharp. In the inside of his armor there is a chain mail between two plate of the armor, just to help absorb some of the shockwave from enemy blow that he would receive. He also wears a black long sleeves shirt and black pants. When William is fully dressed in his armor he around 7 feet tall, but without it he only 6'3.
Weapon: He has a huge broad sword with a blade that's 6 and haft feet long and 1 and a haft in length, with a guard that 3 foot in length with also a 2 foot long hilt. The sword looks like a huge cross that he carries on his back. The blade is made from a rare steel that found deep in the ground of the Eon forest and was heat treated many many times, that the stregth and durability of the steel can't be matched that some say that it's indestructable without the add of his power, also while the blade was being forged, a special metal was added, so that the steel is more able to absorb elements, which makes it perfect for William powers and with all the treatments and other materiel the blade has a very dark shine to it. The guard is made from the same steel, but with alittle more heat treated. The hilt is also made from the same steel and heat treatement, but is covered by a every fine black leather that wraps around it many time, for a very firm grip.
William also carries two long swords on his sides that are both 6 foot long from the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt. These blade when threw the same treatements has the broad swords so they are very durable, strong and can absorb the elements, but these are made much ligther, so can be swinged at incredible speeds. They also have that very dark shine to them like the broad sword, with why many call the three swords the shadow set.

Bio (personality, past, power...): From birth he was trained in the way of being a knight. At the age of 5 he was sent in a war purely on the base that if your able to fight, then you must fight. The war when on for 4 years, where he was sent from battlefield to battlefield to die, but he survived every trial, but it seemed like he was leaving piece of himself with every fight he survived. After the war there wasn't anywhere for him to since his home was destroyed in the war and is family was completely eradicated. Until one day two years after the war while he was walking in the forest he found himself surounded by the tips of many swords. After a few moment the bloody destroyed remains of the knights stained the forest floor, that's when he noticed that he was in the Eon forest and slowly made his way towards the castle thinking he would destroy it giving him something to lose himself in, but to his surprise he was defeated quite easily by the leader. The leader saw promise in his skills and trained him until the day he died, which was for 7 years. William took command of leadership of the clan after defeating all that opposed him. Since then he been guarding the forest with all of his strength, that's actualy where the legend of the demon sleeping in the forest comes from.
He a very serious guy, also very clam and collect, while he keeps to himself and very untrustworthy, but when he gives someone his trust it's a band that can't be broken by anything and he'll do anything in his power to keep it that way.
William his a fallen god of earth, which gives him power over all earth, but because of his serious sin was stripped not only of his immortality, but all memories before his rebirth in the world, since they stripped him of his body also. So he learning how to use his powers all over again.
Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/15/09
*whistle* very interesting. heheh, your in.
both of you.
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Posted 4/15/09 , edited 4/20/09
Clan:burning sharks
appearance:medium sized fire red hair just passed shoulder length, red snake like eyes about 5 foot tall (ill finish it later)
Weapon:dragon claws
Bio: power is complete comtrol and manipulation of all storm abilities,part dragon
i am a god of storms

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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09
Name: Nakitsuku Mitsuki
Clan: Burning sharks
Age: 15
- physical
Nakitsuku is 5'6 tall, and weight about 118 lbs. her three sizes are 87-60-85. she usually has pink-purple hair, which is known for changing colours depending on the situation of the weather and temperature.
her hair is long and beautiful, flowing down her back, and to her ankles.
she has vibrant Blue eyes when she is happy, but when she is angered, her eye colour reverts to its original black and deep purple tone.
- clothing
Nakitsuku wears a white baggy sleeveless hakui (robe) with red baggy detached sleeves, that are held on by two belts. she has a red Hakama, with a white belt, tied in a bow at the front. she also wears Tabi with sandals, but this is usually hidden by her hakama, as it is too long for her.
Weapon: Nakitsuku wields a wooden staff. it is fairly light, and has a large pearl like jewel on the end, except it is much larger. it changes colours dependent to the type of spell being cast. the staff is enfused with the energy of the gods, and because of this, it is able to call fourth on any type of power imaginable. the spells are usualy far weaker, unless she has contracted a god, to use their full power.
Bio: Nakitsuku was a princess of a far-away land at one point in time. her country was destroyed by a fight involving the eon knights and the maffioso faction, and she wished for revenge. she was the lone survivor of the incident, and was stranded on the island, until she saw the burning sharks main vessel near by, and managed to sign up as a pirate. she wishes to be able to get revenge for her family.

she is very hyper most of the time, and is always nice and out going. she follows serpenters orders blindly, however is disobedient to others most of the time. she enjoys drinking vast quantities of alcohol whilst on the ship, and often is seen carrying her own in a hip-flask like item tied to her waist.

she is not a god, or anything of the sort, however was gifted with the ability to channel the power of other gods into her weapon. she also has special "hyms" in which she can cast area effects, such as putting enemy's to sleep, or making enemy's slower.
Posted 4/18/09 , edited 4/18/09
name: labayathan (rob-kun)

age: 14

clan: The Burning Sharks

looks:has a black cloak and also has one black wing of evil. wilst having the black wing black long draped hair with cold pure white skin. this will link to the past of my life. a miedium build whitch lingers in the pure door to darkness.
powers:darkest to uknown to control andthing i want also to sence things before they happen and also to sence that the person or creature from 4-5 miles away. i can transform in to a 20ft snake that can use stealth. by using portals of darkness to find my way i have found your group and i am willing to join the burning sharks to show my mother that i am not weak and stupid like every body thinks.
past:my past is that i was raised with my mother who was a half vampire but my dad was a pure light angle. my mother destroyed my farther and so i was raised by my mother she told me that my dad went away for a long time but i know that he is dead.
and so i join the burning sharks to regain my rightfull place just like my father to fight for what it right.

wepon: huge blade(5.6-6.0ft) also with several daggers and also some hidden abillities
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/19/09
everyone is accepted
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/20/09

Clan:Bushido creed clan (would like to apply for leader if its still vacent)


appearance:zein is 5ft10 has black hair and dark blue eyes.zein has a muscly body but not over the top muscles he is just well toned.zein wears a white hoody with black designs running through it and black flames at the wrist of it. he wears black jeans nd perfect white shoes. basicly he`s a contrast between white and black his clothes are a way to indicate the dark and light inside of him as his mood changes the clothes would turn more white or more black to show if he is falling to evil powers or the power of light both have individual qualities.

Weapon:zein uses a katana name kazetana (kaze 4 wind and i took tana from katana a japenese blade) its an ancient sword passed down through generations to the head of is said to control the wind althought the true secrets of the blade are unknown

Bio:Zein is the last heir of his clan.when zein was 3 his older brother tourchered and killed his entire family right on front of zein out of jealousy because zein was chosen as the heir although he was younger.but the decision was not wrong as zein was the child of prophesy in there clan the one who was said to gain power equal to the founder of there clan.Not much is known bout zein just that his eyes can change and have unusual powers (ill put it in after they are revealed in the rp)
Posted 4/19/09 , edited 4/20/09
heh. nice. i dont mind you being the leader, but i want to check with ma annoying sister, since i think she asked to be a leader too...
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
ok then =] thank you and please inform me on ur decision
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