Diddy Kong Racing DS
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Posted 5/13/07 , edited 5/13/07
Diddy Kong Racing was an exceptional Nintendo64 game, and now it has joined us on DS! It is wi-fi enabled, like MarioKart DS, and to make things easier, a friend code has been provided within the game to link to other players while online.

My friend code is:

To find your friend code, go to multiplayer, then to Nintendo WFC. Go to Friend Settings, and My Friend Code. It should be there.

To add a friend, follow the same path, but go to Enter Friend Code instead of My Friend Code.

Adding each other as friends will make racing via Wi-fi a lot more enjoyable ^_^

Characters to unlock are Taj, Wizpig, Drumstick, and of Course TT.

There are 2 Scratchcards to find, 2 secret balloons, and secret coins to find.

And let's not forget the keys to the locked doors ^_^

Mods, if there already a thread like this, feel free to abolish this one
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Posted 5/13/07 , edited 5/14/07
My brother has the DS version, but nothing will ever beat the N64 one. <3 It's my absolutely favorite game.
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