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(mine as an example)

(normal form)

siren form

dragon form

name: alice
age: 19
race: half-demon half-dragon and one forth siren
postion: suprem villaness
past: she is the older sister of malice and on the out side she seems a nice girl however she can be a crule person at times also shes the rule of a kingdom that she took over

normal form

valkyrie demon form

name: malice
race : half demon half-vampire and one foruth valkyrie
postion: countess
past: shes a kind and firendly person despite her gothic attire she is the yonger sister of alice she trys to stay away from the royal palace and lives in a manshoin with her love
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F / My bedroom..which...
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Position:Mother Earth
Past:She has loved the outside forever.After so long she mastered how to control the ground and its surroundings.She's just a sweet girl wanting to live a good life.
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F / in a box
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name: anne
age: unknown
past:she practiced magic for so long and wanted to come into wars to fight for justice and now became a leader... she like to play much in human form too~ she enjoys playing..
mage form:

human form:
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23 / F / No place
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name: Namiko
age: 16
race: holster, half vampire, mage...
postion: bullet agent.
past: when she was a kid she was rich, her family was famous and very rich. She never liked to be a rich girl because the persons never treated her like a normal person. Also her parents never treated her well, just giving her a lot of money, never giving her love.... She decided to go away from them because they never loved her althought she was rich, but she wasnt happy, she was a mage and her dad is a vampire so she is half mage, she learned to use the guns alone, now she spies the persons and is always active....

agent form:

half vampire:
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26 / M / http://www.facebo...
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name: Marcularx Domnistor
age: 17
race: demon
postion: ?
past: during his childhood he was a loner, the others would want to test his strength all the time to see if they could beat him. but he always kept winning. he was one of those demons who looked like a weakling as a child but in reality one could say he was the complete opposite.
He lost the small family he had to a fearsome ancient demon looking after other demons to consume to prolong its lifespan. but it stopped when he saw this child, and in stead of leaving the child on its own it took care of it while it struggeled to keep it self alive. 3 years ago it died and the demonchild traveled on its own after that. it had been teached the ancient powers and how to fight for real be the deceased one.
the child later worked its way up in the system on its own and is now a widely known for its abilities.
Demon form:

Human form:
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F / In Wonderland
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age: 13
past:When she was only 5 her mother died and her father left her alone,nobody knew how.Sence then she was on her own.To be able to protect herself she learned to manipulate dolls and puppets on strings.Her goal is to find her family and the boy she met in the past.

Human form

Doll-master form(she often changes dresses)
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22 / F / Vocaloid world
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age: 14
race:half blood
postion:half blood member
Human form:

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