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Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/12/09
If you are looking for any of the anime based off the Key VNs just post which one you are looking for and I will send you a PM with a link of where to get it... If you want Air (anime) you must have an IRC client seems no one hosts it on their trackers any more... Also if you want pretty much any other anime just send me a PM of the anime you want (most ikely you will need IRC for any other that are not Key)

As for the VNs the only one that I can get in English atm is Planetarian. Clannad and Kanon are almost done they are in the editing stages, Air is at 38% completion, and Little Busters is at 10%... These are only the patches not the actual game... I think it will take a bit more digging for the VNs themselves but I will find them
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