Post Reply Are Kadaj and Denzel Both Carnations of Riku and Sora/Roxas? Express Your Theories
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I Had this Theory form the Moment I Saw Denzel and Kadaj, Facing Each other in the Forgotten City. The Smile of Kadaj, Looks like Riku's and the Drinking of the Black Water, Shows Denzel as Roxas, at That Point.

I Ask Now, Because of Final Fantasy 7's New Release, Advent Children Complete.
Making my Theory, Even Stronger.

Though This is Adding another Game to the Group's Subject, it's Still a Linked Game and Movie. Right?

IN Kingdom Hearts 2, Cloud and Sephiroth, Suddenly Vanish.

If ya Ask Me...
I'd say that the First FF7 AC, Is what Really Took Place.
And Now. In Complete, The Side Effect of what Happened in KH2, is Now taking It's Tole, on Their Earth.

I See things in a Link.
So If I'm Wrong...
Then So Be It.

I Completely Understand Tetsuya Nomura and Square's Way of Thinking.

Because I'm No Different with Mine.

For Crying Out Loud. LoL
They Even Look like Them.


When I Saw Denzel Run Tword Big A** Bahamut, in the First AC.
I saw the Look of Sora's Experience Unfold, through His Eyes.
But Tifa's Spirit, Acted Through Her Body and Kept Denzel's Spirit (Sora) Compressed Deeply Within Him.
Meaning. It just Wasn't His Time. Yet.

Look at How Sora, Looks at Tifa in the Game, when she Gives Him the Finrir Key Chain.

I was just Waiting for him to yell "MOM".
Or at Least say "I REMEMBER YOU".

When Kadaj was in the Forgotten City, in the Water (Like Riku, in Both KH's 1 & 2's Intros ) I've Noticed How Similar his Enjoyment of Seeing Denzel become Evil (Roxas), was to Riku's, when Trying to Take Sora Down to the Darkness, With him, in KH 1.

And In the Trailer to Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Complete'''
Denzel's, All of a Sudden, a Kick Ass Kid.
That was Tight.
To Bad it Didn't have Any Subtitles, to it.

I Wouldn't be Surprised to Find Out that Marlene is a Carnation of Kairi.

I Feel that KH is the Future of the Three Young Ones.

I mean...If you Read the Noval to AC.
You'll Notice that Denzel was a Gift, Sent form Aerith.

Aerith is a Spirit.
And in KH..
She's Living...In anOther
Time. and Planet.
As well as Many Others, who Don't Belong There.
But She Does, for Some Reason.

To Me..
She's Truly Timeless.
Giving Denzel or Sora's Past to Clouds Present.

And Cloud Gave Him Self Kadaj or Riku (the Gullible One),
in Order to Re:Manifest Sephiroth.

Cause We All Know
that Heroes can Not Live, Without, Their Villains.
Goes Both Ways....

I Can Go On and On....
But I think My Point is Made here.

Tell Us What You think...
Or If ya Even Agree. For That Matter.

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what the hell?...this is nonsense man..
no waay in hell this is happening..
Kingdom Hearts characters can NEVER
be linked with the final fantasy world..>_<

KH has its own story...and FF has its own story too...period~
No way in hell the staff would connect both..
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