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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09
Ok so I decided that I can't do this on my own. There are a few jobs available and graphic people I only need around 4 people to seven people to help me out. I'm not very good at making graphicsmyself and I'm still improving but I am kinda picky~!! Here are the jobs available:

Graphic Makers :: makes graphics :: 7 people needed
Avatar changer :: changes avatar every month/ week :: 1 person needed
Profile Updator :: makes banners( support, news, etc) :: 2 people needed
Headliner :: Simple job that includes thinking of headlines :: 1 person needed
Forum Helper :: Basically my pet, helps me do things on short notice, has to be someone that's active :: 1 person needed
Contest thinker :: Someone that thinks of contests and sends them to me for approval :: 2 people needed

Graphic Makers, Profile Updater, and Avatar Changer Form:
* to apply for these jobs, you must know how to make graphics.

Applying for:
What program do you use to make graphics?:
Examples of your graphics:
( in spoiler )

Headliner, Forum Helper, and Contest Thinker Form:
* you must be creative to apply for these jobs.

Are you creative?:
How many days a week do you go to CR?( plz name specific days; Monday, Tuesday, etc):
Do you like to work constantly?( please answer honestly )
Think of a headline for a new avatar mall!( only do it if applying for Headliner ):
Think of a random contest for Vanlentine's Day!( only do it if applying for Contest Thinker ):
( in spoiler )

If you are approved, please wait until Strawberry-Chan sends you a message for your first job.
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