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Hanchul Facts!

1. HanGeng and HeeChul stay at the same dormitory before their debut and they still stay there together.

2. Then HanGeng came and stays at the same dormitory as HeeChul’s. He was not good at speaking Korean. The one who took care of him and tried to teach him Korean is HeeChul.

3. HeeChul always persuades HanGeng to go shopping together.

4. When they just debut, there were HanGeng’s anti – fans insulting him due to his nationality ( Chinese ). One time Heechul found those anti-fans and actually beat them up! ^^

5. When they live performed “ Twin”, HanGeng was not allowed to perform on the stage because he had a problem with his visa and he couldn’t choose channels to be appear on.He cried and asked his manager that he would use mask to cover his face [ cry in pain, how handsome face could hide behide that mask ] when he performed on the stage. HeeChul’s not satisfied about that so when they performed. He took off HanGeng’s mask. HanGeng tried to avoid from the camera but HeeChul hold him and keep him performing…

6. After a performance, and after they bowed their thanks, Hankyung was hiding behind and Heechul pulled Hankyung out to the front but Hankyung moved back again, so Heechul pulled him forward again and to and fro they did the same action until Heechul couldn’t stand it and hugged Hankyung from the back, so he couldn’t move back anymore.

7. In Super Junior’s Diary, [ before HanGeng returning to China] while he was using internet, he saw the messenge from his father. He was touched and cried when HeeChul saw that he kissed HanGeng at his cheek then he shyly laughed and showed HanGeng their secret pic which was took by his mobile phone in the bathroom.

8. HanGeng is the only one in Super Junior who is almost 1 year younger then HeeChul.HeeChul told HanGeng that do not to call him his elder brother or talk to him politely and respectly, but he’s very serious about this with other younger members.

9. Heechul likes reading his fan fiction which has the story about him and Hankyung. After reading that, he cannot look at Hankyung. (lol! <333)

10. Heechul always appreciates how Hankyung’s good and great.

11. Heechul likes eating Hankyung’s BeiJing fried rice and Hankyung likes cooking for him too.

12. When Heechul got an accident, Kibum is the one who set the visiting schedule for Super Junior’s member and as the schedule Hankyung visited HeeChul the most.

13. When Heechul came back to the dormitory for recovery, he always told Hankyung to buy white chocolate for him. If Hankyung went home late and forgot buying white chocolate. He would pout.

14. Hankyung’s Korean language’s improved so much due to Heechul’s teaching, especially dirty words.

15. Heechul always asks Hankyung for permission before posting their pictures on cyworld.

16. Hankyung likes sunglasses so much but Heechul likes wearing HanGeng’ s sunglasses more.

17. Heechul said in Hankyung’s Happy Birthday clip that “ Hankyung is like the present from God for him.”

18. Hankyung is only one member who took half naked with Heechul ^^( except Heebum)

19 . Hankyung returned to China (because his visa, in 2007) ,but 9/7 , Hankyung came back Korea and he is the first person who say “happy birthday” Heechul.

20 . Heechul said : his relation with Hankyung is too difficult to explain.

21. Hankyung often bought fans and Chinese QiPao for Heechul.

22. Han's mother like heechul very much ,she usually ask geng to bring foods and other gifts to heechul when geng went back to china.

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I only go to China when we have a concert there… that is, occasionally

but everytime I go, I’m really popular

…… it’s understandable if it’s a normal degree of popularity, but to be this popular, I was pretty surprised

So I asked Hankyung

Me: Hey, “Jin Xi Che”~that’s me right? Whoa, why am I so popular – -;;

Hankyung: Because you’re a punk. (NOTE: thanks [info]weird_ab!)

Me: (- ┏)

Then I asked our manager-hyung,

Me: Hyung, why am I so popular? Haha, it puts me in a good mood, hahaha

Hyung: Because there’s only one person like you in the world, so a lot of people like you, haha

Me: Oh~ Does that mean I should grow my hair until it reaches waist-length? Hahaha [NO HEECHUL IT DOESN'T]

Hyung: Also Hankyung mentions your name quite often in China.

Me: That bastard… is he saying that I taught him curses again – -^

Hyung: Hankyung often says that you helped him out a lot when he had problems in Korea, says that you’re very close friends~ everyone asks why you don’t come to China more often, haha.

Me: Looks like he said something good for once. Strangely embarrassing, haha.

Hyung: Also your fans are kind of scary, haha. Maybe because they’re like you? [the coding got messed up here?]

Me: My fans were originally like that. Haha. Recently the focus has been on becoming more popular. Maybe I should switch it up a bit for the fans? I’d feel more at ease – -

Hyung: Ah

Me: Why do all my banners read “Princess” – -? And there are pictures of me as a woman.

Hyung: That… Hankyung is China’s prince? So you’re the princess.

Me: Oh, does that mean I have to shave my armpits? Hehehehe

Later, when I was drinking with Hankyung just the two of us, I brought it up casually

Me: Hey, thanks.

Hankyung: For what?

Me: Well~ I heard you mention me a lot in China~because of you I’m popular there even though I don’t go very often hahaha (it’s really embarrassing to say stuff like this)

Hankyung: Shut up and drink.

Me: ^-^ (This guy really makes me wanna…. – -^)
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