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Posted 4/18/09 , edited 4/18/09
*First Of All, A Beam Is This [ Around The Girl's Hand ]*

1. Open Up Photoshop [ I Use Photoshop CS3 ]

2. Open Up A Pic. You Want To Use

3. I Forgot To Put This--- Click On A New Layer

4. Click On The Brush Tool--- Then Click On The Brush You Want To Use [Im Using Brush Size 17]

5. Now Click On The Pen Tool -- Make Sure That It Is Set Like This [ It Is Set As Path ]

6. Choose The Color You Want For Your Beam... Then Click On The Top Of Your Pic. [ Make Sure That You Are On Your Pen Tool When You Click It ]

7. Now When You're Done Clicking The 1st Dot, Click On Another 1 Beside It, BUT This Time, Dont Let Go, Curve The 2nd Dot To Another Place Like This:

8. Keep Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again Til You Want To Stop

9. Once You Get To Here, Right Click On The Beam [ Anywhere On The Beam ] Then Click Stroke Path...

10. Once You Click Stroke Path, A Box Will Pop Up.. It'll Say Pencil, Now Scroll Down On The List And Click Brush [ Right Under The Pencil ]

11. Click 'OK' When Your Done And Something Like This Should Show Up... [ Maybe A Different Color] Depending On The Brush That You Use.. If You Use A Tiny Brush The Beam Might Not Be Dark Or Visible At All.. So To Make It Visible But Still Using The Same Small Brush, Stroke It More Than Once... [ Its Optional]

12. Right Click When You Think You Like The Beam And Click Delete Path And The Black Line Should Be Gone [ If Your Using A Black Color Then Then Black Skinny Line Should Erase ]

13. Now Were Almost Finished! To Erase The Beams On Your Pic., You Can Use The Eraser Tool [ Press E ] OR Use The Polygonal Lasso Tool [ Press L ]------- Im Gone Be Using The Eraser Tool For Now, Choose The Brush Size You Want For Your Eraser And Start Erasing The Beams On Your Pic.. You Dont Have To Erase All The Beams On Your Pic. Just Erase The Part Of The Beams You Dont Want. Now If You Forgot To Add A New Layer Like Me, Its OK.. On Your Erase Tool Just Click 'Erase To History' That Should Work.. If It Doesnt Then Bad Luck ><

14. There's Your Beam!

Sorry For The Bad Explainations And Scrappy Pics. ><
Tutorial By -Z3rO-LoV3-

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