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Introduce your self, tell us funny things you've done, sad moments, anything!!

You can also fill this out if you don't have any ideas of what to write about yourself.

The type of person i love:

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Name: Lizzie
Nickname: Lizzie..?
Username: XxLizzIxX
Gender: (F)
Age: 13--
Personality: ..others opinion.
The type of person i love: not sure yet.
Likes: pocky-asian boys-bangs-music-bubble tea-traveling-ect..
Dislikes: ignorance-stupidity-stereotyping-liars-fakes-ect..
Obsessions: g-dragon_taeyang_minhwan_bubble tea_pocky_music_ect..
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26 / F / In your dreams
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Name: unknown XD
Nickname: ami/kitkat
Username: kitkat6
Gender: female
Age: 16
Personality: hyper.....weird......beyond weird......almost insane
The type of person i love: anybody who's really sweet and funny, and who enjoys themselves
Likes: chocolate, cute shoujo manga, anime, avatars, friends, lots of stuff [i can never name anything for these kinds of things :P]
Dislikes: as of now.... homework and tests -__-
Obsessions: [right now] cute shoujo romance oneshot mangas, kitkat, crunchyroll

Hi Liz, and introduce yourself too Coco!!

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Name: Coco
Nickname: Idk just call me Coco
Username: Coco144
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Personality: Funny, childish, nice
The type of person i love: I already found the person i love ^-^
Likes: Music, anime, crunchyroll, photoshop, anything creative and colorful, fashion
Dislikes: Secrets, haters, homework, school(boring)
Obsessions: Candy, sweets, anime
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Name: Gina
Nickname: Tram
Username: -Krystal_Clear_Wingz-
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Personality: funny, boring, hyper, alwayz smile, smart, lazy
The type of person i love: funny, caring, my age, likes me 4 wat i am! <3
Likes: laptop, cellphone, friends, anime, chips!
Dislikes: school, hw, test, quiz, projects, stealers, haters, copiers, baclstabbers, liars, rapers, harrassers, etc. u get the point!^^
Obsessions: anime, photoshop, internet, etc.
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F / at home...?
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Name: Mary

Nickname: Hikari-chan

Username: pandastar77

Gender: female

Age: 11

Personality: if hav a lot of personalities. i can be shy n queit, then loud n random, n a whole lotta others

The type of person i love: smart, has grogeous hair n face (lolz XDD), little athletic, nice but tiny bit perveted, very lovable, protective about me n more~

Likes: sweets, anime, friends, animals, bing random, etc

Dislikes: ppl who ask stupid questions (like wen u say "ow! my ankle!" n ur on da floor n they say "wats wrong?") clowns, silence, frustrating thins<--- (trust me, u hav no idea how much i ate this one) bing ingnored.

Obsessions: anime, clothes, shopping, comp, etc
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/27/09
Name: Kay
Nickname: Ki-chan
Personality: shy quiet,loud,hyper
The type of person i love: fun honest caring and who likes me for me
Likes: candy, sushi,foxes,pink,purple
Dislikes: onions,butterflys,thunder storms
Obsessions: anime, crunchyrolll, computer,DS,drawing,manga
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24 / F / penang
Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/24/09

Username:yinnyliew xD
Personality: random, no one can ever reads my mind
The type of person i love:he's gentle, cute, handsome, cool, just, fun, have high leadership qualities, care bout me, probably like me, smart, talented, pitiful... I hope I can hug him x3
Obsessions:crunchy, chia, anime, computer, games, fb, deviant, studies
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F / Waiting for somew...
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Name: K.C
Nickname: eh...K.C?
Username: silentdagger
Gender: female
Age: ...a mystery...
Personality: quiet, sarcastic - ish? I honestly don't know ^.^
The type of person i love: who I can be myself around, outgoing, caring and nice
Likes: reading, drawing, etc.
Dislikes: homework... and other things...
Obsessions: Drawing, soccer, manga, anime, music!
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22 / F / DO YOU FEEL THE W...
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Name: Ju Chhay
Nickname: Ju?
Username: hadjsc8900
Gender: Femalee.
Age: 14 :D
Personality: Friendly, as in wants to be everyone's friend. :DDDD
The type of person i love: iono. just be yourself.<3
Likes: aim;; i can chat alll day. :D
Dislikes: the shape of sharp things. LOLL.
Obsessions: SUPER JUNIOR! (fighting) SHINee. andd a lotttttt more Kpop. Asian stuff. :D
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