Post Reply ♥Need Cr Girlfriend of Boyfriend?♥
Posted 4/18/09 , edited 4/18/09
post here if you need one
Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/3/09
Um...I need a cr bf.Anyone interested in me?????? Here's a little information about me.

Name: Mimi-chan
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Likes in a guy?: Kind, caring, sweet, romantic, love me for who I am and never betray me
Hobbies: Playing netball, reading, chatting, and listening to music, watching anime and playng games
Appearence: Wear spectacles, long black hair, 160cm tall

If anyone interested in me,pm me then.
Posted 5/3/09 , edited 5/3/09
hehe i need a Bf ^^.. umm.. some inf about me:
name: daya
age: 15 ^^
im: tall, i have black hair and green eyes ^^
need a boy: carring , sweet and kind ^^... aa and he gotta love the animes :D... if anyone is interested... PM me ^^
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