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Nakajima Yuto
Name: Yuto means to fly towards your dream. Yuto loves his name because of that.
Nicknames: Nakayan, Nakaji
Birthday: August 10, 1993
Blood: Type A
Height: right now is around 170 cm
Weight: right now is 47.6 kg
Bust: 65 CM (currently)
Hips: 58 CM (currently)
Feet: 26 cm (currently)
Entered JE: March 28, 2004
Talent: "backward stretch" lying on the floor with his stomach & curve his body backwards, his head can touch his feet. (flexable)
Hobby: Karate
His Treasure: His little Brother
Loves: Preschool
Future: Wants to be Like Takkey, he says he wants to be like him cause he has a cute smile even though he is not a kid.
People He Looks up to in JE: Yamashita Tomohisa, TOKIO (yamaguchi), Takkey
Pushups: 28times
Pullups: 40times
Weak Spot: Under Foot
Favorite Song: Kat-Tun [real face]
Foods: he pretty much likes strawberries and i think mangos too. he really like sashimi meat
Close: he is close with Yamada... besides him ... he is close with Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa since he works alot with them
Admirer: he wants to be like Nakai Masahiro
Former Groups: J.J. Express, Tap Kids, and Hey! Say! 7
Group: Hey! Say! Jump (obviously)
PVs: Seishun Amigo
Drama: Supporting actor for - Primadan as a son, Engine as a smart orphan, and Nobuta wo Produce as a brother
Extra Information: He just add 17-R words most of the time in his conversation. Because he was called an "ero kid", he blamed it on his sempais for teaching it to him and not telling him it is wrong. He is not really that popular at school, but he recieves alot of Valentine chocolate ... (That is what he thinks ... ya right ... he is SO popular.) He is known for being mature and all by others because he goes to meetings on time, but he doesn't think that he is that mature. He is sensitive. He is known as "talk leader" and has been called that often by his friends. Not only that, he's also known as the "interview annoyer" ... scared of ghost ... but he is NOT afraid of bugs because he thinks it is embarrassing if he goes on a date with a girl and started screaming because of a bug .... like Takaki Yuya who always scream when Nakajima gets near one (for those who watch Making of Hey! Say! or whatever, you know what I am talking about. When Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke went outside to record a worm, Takaki moved out of the way but didn't whine cause he is on camera). He loves adventures, too ...
Goals: He thinks that himself "sucks" so he will try to increase his popularity and try to be more mature because "he thinks girls are interested in 'mature guys' than immature guys"
Rumor: There is a rumor that there is a picture of Nakajima Yuto and some random girl kissing each other, but no one can really confirm it is true or false. There is an another rumor where Nakajima Yuto is currently seeing someone and probably in private, too, but this rumor is the different rumor from the photo picture.
Rumor Confirmed!: I found out this is just a stupid rumor and for ppl who cried and got depressed, emo, or whatever over just a dumb picture ... sry to tell you, you were wasting your time!!! It wasn't him! ^_^
Private Information: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to say this .. you know about their private life. Actually, I'm not gonna say anything unneccessay so its alright. He looks normal doesnt he. Well, he is. He is nice to most people and are not nice to a FEW. Not mentioning names, but he likes girls fangurling about him and going on about him, BUT he hates it when they do it during his free time. for example, screaming ... its irritating. He actually understand fans so don't worry. Hates giving out autographs and is not popular at school not cause of anything but because .... mostly, ppl there dont think of him famous but more like a friend.... human is what im trying to say. He is more like himself there and more like a "normal boy" at school where people won't scream or get into a shock mode when they see him. No more info! Sorry for rambling bout this and Yamada Ryosuke is just the same. Nakajima sometimes have temper but kind mostly. ^_^
Best Friend: His best friend would obviously be Yamada. they hang out together and do homework together. goes to school together (didnt mean 2 say tat outloud). dey have been together ever since they are young and share secrets too. Sometimes, i think he trusts Yamada more than his own family! they share a bond of friendship tat is unbreakable

My mother steals a kiss from me every night. (laugh) (Hey!Say!7) Nakajima Yuto

A little while back, every night, before I go to sleep, my mother would give me a goodnight kiss. I was in my second year of elementary back then and I gradually learned not to be deceived by her, but my mother still gives me kisses when I sleep! I don't notice at all in my sleep, though ne. Maybe, when she leaves (the room?) even now I don't trust her! [1] Yeah, you might say (because it happens) at those times when I sleep, it's a burden. My mother said that she was about to kiss Raiya (younger brother) before she switched the lights off, but he resisted and moved around a lot [2], and since I was sleeping soundly, she kissed me with ease. (laugh) I always kiss Raiya on the cheek, too. Because his cheeks are punyupunyu, [3] he's very cute. ♥ When I give Raiya expensive toys, as a way to say "thank you," he kisses me to express his gratitude, too. I like my younger brother very much, so when he kisses me, I'm glad and I feel this great happiness in me ne. ♪ I feel the same thing when my family kisses me but I don't when it's with a girl... The ideal situation would naturally be at the ocean, while looking at the setting sun... wouldn't it? Ah, that's what I think, but it's embarrassing! Nowadays, I noticed that I like the level-headed older sister types in older girls, when I meet a girl like that someday, she won't be the lead in terms of kindness, but she'll be able to give great kisses naa.

[1] I know this doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. ;__;
[2] Original text says "gosogoso ugoichaunda," and gosogoso is the sound of rummaging.
[3] IDK. Squishy? Chubby? -inferring- XD

Requirements for being Yuto’s lover:
- likes me
- I like her
- easy to talk to
- able to fight/argue
- but everything would be sorted out the next day
- does not boast, not selfish
- makes clear of what she likes or dislikes
- adult-like/mature
- someone I can rely/depend on

What you’ll be able to do with Yuto:
1. have fun, but I might be a bit annoying
2. able to eat things like .. “leba..sth” and “shibui” not sure about those..sorry
3. go shopping together
4. I’ll give you things like sweets
5. not sure about the last one either.. something like I’ll take care of guessing..?

Dream girl:
- hair length to shoulders, long and between brown and black hair colour
- wears glasses from time to time, it’ll make her look cute
- clear, pretty eyes, healthy pale/white skin colour
- one-piece dresses are cute
- height around the same as me

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