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* Name: Keito Okamoto (, Keito Okamoto?)
* Profession: Singer, Dancer
* Date of Birth:April 1, 1993
* Zodiac Sign: Aries
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Height: 170 cm (around 5"7')
* Weight: 55 kg
* Blood Type: O
* Group: Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! 7
* Talent Agency: Johnny & Associates
* Family: Father (Kenichi Okamoto), Mother (Nishi Katsue)
* Instruments: Guitar
* Favorite Food: Fried Chicken, Ice Cream and Strawberry Milk
* Dislike Food: Seafood, leek
* Favorite homecooked meal: Carbonara
* Respected Senior: Kimura Takuya
* Charming Point: Mole under right eye
* First Kiss: Never
* Girl Type: Nice, kind, does things freely, peaceful, honest, neutral, optomistic, hard-working, spoilt, long, wavy hair (dark brown, brown, or black), cute smile, girly clothes: pumps, skirts-max down the knees, and likes handwarmers.
* Dream: To be a doctor
* Most expensive thing you ever bought: High efficient calculator that can calculate pi. For the color I chose dark blue.
* Possible Apology: "I don't have anything to "apologize now" because I always apologize after I done a bad thing."
* Hairstyle you want to try: Long hair.
* Favorite song: Arashi's PIKA NCHI DOUBLE
* Favorite Color:Blue
* Love confessions: zero.
* Favorite subject: Math
* Liked TV show: Doraemon
* Special ability: Unintentionally funny.

(gonna try and put more...)

My Ideal Girl
I like girls with cute smiles. I want her to always be smiling
I like girlish-looking girls so I prefer pumps rather than sneakers
Long, wavy black or brown hair
Wears between mini- and long length, frilly skirts
Wears tights and covers her arms, so as not to be trying too hard to look attractive

Girlfriend Requirements
-Overall, kind
-Doesn't lie
-Isn't stingy
-Doesn't get mad a lot (I'd expect so, seeing that Keito never gets angry himself)
-Even when she does, easily gets over it
-Not extremely positive or negative
-Works hard
-Spoiled (what?! ^___^)
0-2 : Maybe you need a little more effort?
3-6 : We could be friends?
7-9 : You could be my girlfriend?
10 : We could get married!!

"I like the heartwarming feeling of taking long walks in the park"
I like seeing people both young and old walking and getting along in places like foreign parks. It's heartwarming to watch. I like the thought of my girlfriend getting kind of spoiled towards me while we sit on a bench talking together. (laughs) Even though we wouldn't really be doing anything, we'd be getting along and creating a gentle atmosphere between us, so I think that would be nice.
(this is so incredibly sweet of Keito~)

I Would do These Special Favors for my Girlfriend:
1. Go to places she'd want to go to together
2. Be heartwarming together
3. Let her act spoiled when she wants to
4. Act kindly towards her
5. Teach her a lot of miscellaneous knowledge (what?! x3)
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