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BLISS FACTOR @ crunchyroll.com

What are freebees?
(originally spelled "FREEBIE" <-- but i like it more with double "ee" lol

This group offers random items that pops up in random threads made by mods or the creator called "freebees". It comes in different forms, may it be icons, siggies, avatars or to the extent of wallpapers. They are all unique customized items made by the mods or the creator. You cant get them through request.

Every freebee comes with it's particular post number.( the number depends on the mod who puts it up). For example: if it says "This icon is for the 1st person who posts", it simple means that that particular icon is randomly won by whoever posts first. Most of the time its says "This icon/siggie is for the 1st person who posts on the 3rd page of this thread" <-- it simply means that the person who will get the freebee is the one who can post on the top corner of the page number being said.

You can find the pages on the bottom corner of the forum thread. Here's an image,

overall, it's RANDOMLY WON!
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more coming up!
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