Region coding for the PS2
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
I was curious about the PS2 region coding, and whether or not European imports can play on the US PS2 or not. I know on some games you can do the whole "Magic swap disc thing" and everyone says that, but I honestly don't know the first thing about that, it sounded very complicated and confusing, like you have to take apart your PS2 and crap.

So anyway, some of the games I know were released in Europe, so I was wondering if the European PS2 games are copatable on the American PS2. Anybody??

NVM, found the answer, so region coding aside... does anyone know how to educate me in the ways of the magic swap disc thing?? I made the card already, but do you have to buy the Magic disc or does it really matter?
Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
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