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SuJu Radio Conversations
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
Funny and Interesting Radio Conversations that are related to Super Junior Members. I will try to post most of the unusual conversations and interesting facts about Super Junior here.
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
If KangIn was in toilet w/o paper...

Friday's Chun Bang Ji Chuk was about "How would you respond if someone texted you saying..."

"I'm in a public restroom but there's no toilet paper"

So KangIn texted a few people, telling them he's in the
toilet without the paper to see how they respond...

he texts the super junior members.

EunHyuk: ???? (ROFL.)
HeeChul: I'm at a restaurant right now (i dont think he appreciates
knowing that. LOL especially wen he's eating.)

SungMin called him instead of texting him...
so KangIn called him back so that the conversation could be
heard on air.

Sungmin's the only nice one... so he asked KangIn where he
is and said that he'll go over and bring KangIn the toilet paper lol.
But he was talking in the respective form to Kangin about half the time...

Then he calls HeeChul...
HeeChul's ringback tone is "Chutcha"... only his part
Heechul's talking with his mouth full.

Kangin: “Hyung, I’m in trouble... (explains the situation...)
HeeChul: Hmm just let your "dung" dry ('dung' = POO. LOL
KangIn: HYUNG!
KangIn: Hyung, im not gonna leave here until you come.
I'm gonna just stay here
HeeChul: Mmm okay.
KangIn: What?
HeeChul: Mm okay.
KangIn: You're telling me to just stay here?
HeeChul: I think MinSung hyung's gonna go to you right now.
KangIn: No no hyung im just joking. this is on air right now,
this is radio broadcast.
HeeChul: Oh its radio broadcast? Oh... Don’t even think
about ever seeing me again.

Towards the end of the show, KangIn read all
the text messages he received from the other members.

KyuHyun finished his schedule so he dropped by to visit kangin...
Then he received the text so KyuHyun took a roll of toilet paper
and he went inside the chunji restroom looking for him...
but of course KangIn wasn’t there so he told kangIn...
“Hyung, i think someone sent me a prank text message.”

Eeteuk : Oh is this for radio broadcast? How should i respond?
(that guy is clever.)

DongHae: Hyung, dont worry. I’m your dongseng fishie DongHae.
I'll be there soon, just wait a little. (he's cute!)

Yesung: KangIn-ah, just flush the toilet down once...
Then with the clean water that's left afterwards, you can wash with that.

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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
Chin Chin Radio Conversation:
KangIn: If TeukChul fight, I will help…

KangIn: If our 83line (83 line=Teuk Chul because they’re both 1983) gets into a fight…

Taeyeon: who would you help

KangIn: I will help Heechul

Taeyeon: Why?

KangIn: Because Yesung will help Leeteuk so I will help Heechul

Taeyeon: Ah¬what if Yesung and Leeteuk fight

KangIn: oh no they will never fight

Translated by: SJCindelurve
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Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/21/09
This is part of their conversation on Chunji. It’s Ryeowook confessing his love for Donghae…
You’ll understand what mean one you read it.

Donghae: Ah… Ryeowook said he was going to marry me..
Kangin: Really?
Ryeowook: Yeah, I want to marry Donghae.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: No, there was a question.. If Ryeowook was a girl which one of the members would he marry, and he said me.
Kangin: Why?
Donghae: ..Why?
Ryeowook: Do I have to reveal it here?
Donghae: Reveal it.
Kangin: Say it.
Ryeowook: I really like you, Donghae sshi.
Donghae: Ah, why… no, I mean, why do you like me!
Ryeowook: Why are you like this?
Donghae: No.. it’s just weird.
Ryeowook: Hyung, you don’t like me?
Donghae: No, I like you but.. if I don’t say it it’ll be all weird.
Ryeowook: What’s weird?
Donghae: For the people who are listening…
Ryeowook: I just like you, all the words that you say.. (Hae laughing like an insane in the background) the way you read some things wrong.. the way you smile like this..
Kangin: For real? Really? You have to say it right.
Ryeowook: I like it.
Kangin: You would even marry him?
Donghae: I can’t do it.
Kangin: Ryeowook, Donghae said he can’t do it..
Ryeowook: The problem is that I’m not a girl..
Kangin: In some countries they allow gay marriage..
Ryeowook: No, why are you being like this?!?!
Kangin: If both of you have the heart to get married, I can help you~
Ryeowook: No, I don’t want to!
Kangin: Okay………. Ryeowook is being weird… you… don’t come into my room anymore.
Donghae: Ryeowook… slept in my room.
Ryeowook: Why are you like this~~~?
Donghae: He just brought his computer, and he could’ve just done it in his room but he came into my room and sat in my chair and used the computer. So I was like ‘uh.. aren’t you going to sleep?’ and he was like ‘Hyung, I’m going to sleep here.’So I was like ‘Here?! But you have your own bed in your own room.’
Ryeowook: But there was like no one there!
Donghae/Kangin: Where?
Ryeowook: There was no one in the room~ Everyone else went home~ So……….. we slept together~~
(All laughing like crazy)
Kangin: Okay, no more no more no more!

chunji trans.: soompi
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22 / F / Super Junior's do...
Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/8/09

ferusa wrote:

Funny and Interesting Radio Conversations that are related to Super Junior Members. I will try to post most of the unusual conversations and interesting facts about Super Junior here.

thank u so much for posting.. XD
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Posted 6/8/09 , edited 6/8/09


ryeowook wants to marry donghae


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Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/9/09
thanks for funny^^
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Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/18/09
funny... i can't stop laughing LOL
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
LOL . tat was funny.
thank you btw
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31 / F / in my HAE baby's...
Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09
hahahhah lol dorky oppa!!!

i've read the 3rd one once on other site but i stil cant stop laughing, reading it----! kekeke

even a guy like ryeowook cant resist my HAE baby~~~~

thanx fers for posting!!!! ^^
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29 / F / ♥Choi Shiwon's he...
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
OMGosh!! Wookie l;ikes Donghae??LoL
dt was really cute...
i want more,, share more guys,, hihi
i love reading ds stuffs...
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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/8/09
[090703] Donghae Cant Drink+Kyuhyun pressed wrong button

[090701 Leeteuk Talks About Donghae Who Can't Drink In Sukira]

Leeteuk: I really can’t drink that much wine. Not too long ago, Donghae and I went for a drink. Donghae drank a bit.
Eunhyuk: Really?
Leeteuk: Yeah, Donghae drank a bit.
Eunhyuk: How much (did he actually drink)?
Leeteuk: Approximately 5cm in depth *
Eunhyuk: Hahahahaha
Leeteuk: And then he told me, ‘Hyung, I think I’m intoxicated’
Leeteuk: And he also said, ‘Hyung, the taste is not bad after all.’

*imagine a cup filled 5cm in. 5 cm ~ 227.305 ml ~ 8 oz

credits: battleuphoria for chinese to english translation
source: 包子的海妖, LICC @ sjbluecn & O~BLUE妖精原创天堂
thanks to –dreamx & yurim_sj♥ for the source!

[Shindong Talks about Kyuhyun pressing the wrong button on ShimShimTapa.]

Shindong: Our dormitory is located on the 12th storey, and there are scribblings by E.L.F. on the wall beside the door.

Returning to the dormitory after schedule has ended one day…

When the lift reached, everyone noticed that there were no longer scribblings on the wall and thought that E.L.F. had removed them.

It turned out Kyuhyun had accidentally pressed on the 21st storey and we all went up to the 21st storey together.

Cr: J-ing @ Baidu 曺圭贤吧
Translated by : yurim_sj♥ @
Please take out with full credits, and do not add your own, thanks!
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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/8/09
Eunhyuk’s First Kiss

090701 Eunhyuk’s First Kiss

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk’s first kiss looked like it’s the soonest.
2AM: Ah, hahaha
Leeteuk: Ah, (Eunhyuk), when was it?
Eunhyuk: Ha? What?
Leeteuk: First kiss.
Eunhyuk: Eh~?
Leeteuk: Say something about your first kiss.
Eunhyuk: First kiss. My first kiss was back in August 22, 2006.
2AM: Oh~ Hahahahaha
Eunhyuk: Ah~ Hahahahaha receiving a kiss that day was actually….
The rest: Hahahahahaha

credits: battleuphoria for chinese to english translation
source: O~BLUE妖精原创天堂
thanks to –dreamx & yurim_sj♥ for the source!

Please do not take out without proper credits!

August 22,2006?after a little research, it was their first performance for Dancing Out..But i couldn’t find what really happen on that day..ELFs who follow them since debut, can you please tell me?

source: sapphirepearls

OMMO!!!! now i also want to knw wut happened that day????!!!!
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31 / F / in my HAE baby's...
Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/16/09
KTR Segments with Eunhyuk & Leeteuk

090626-090702 SUKIRA Segments

090626 Leeteuk Experiences “Ghost Pressing on Body**

Leeteuk: On the way to Inkigayo last Sunday, I sat at the last row, where I usually do not occupy. Shindong was sleeping with his head on my shoulder, and I fell asleep too. I dreamt that someone was strangling my neck… So I have come to realise that I cannot sit at a position that I seldom occupy.

Eunhyuk: Maybe Shindong is too heavy

Leeteuk: There have been more serious ones. I have recently been pressed on by ghosts frequently… It only happened a few times before. The members living at my storey have it often too, especially while sleeping with their doors open. I have already had it 4-5 times these days. 3 days ago, I had a little time to rest before coming for the radio show, so I slept. As I slept, I suddenly felt like ‘ghosts’ have come. I saw a woman walking towards me from the living room, I couldn’t breathe and told myself to get up at the count of 3. ‘1, 2, 3!’ It felt like I had chased the ghost which was pressing me away, jumping off instantly. But when I turned back, my body was still lying there sleeping, I was scared to death! I thought I should return, then ’shua~’ I returned…

Eunhyuk: Is that real or fake?

Leeteuk: It’s real. I continued sleeping after that… Perhaps I have been tot stressed out lately.

*That is the literal translation, but the sensation that Leeteuk experienced should be ‘Sleep Paralysis’. It is nothing serious, so don’t worry ^^

090630 Men’s Underwear Colour

Leeteuk: Eunhyuk, do you have red-coloured underwear?

Eunhyuk: Uhm… I have one. But it is not entirely red. It is white, with many red words, so it looks like it is entirely red from afar. I don’t wear it often. Do you have (red-coloured underwear)?

Leeteuk: I don’t. Mine are all white, gray, black or blue.

Eunhyuk: Even though no one can see my underwear, I still feel embarrassed just wearing it.

090630 Poor Little Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk: When I was in Primary 6, during a mathematics paper, students were quietly attempting the questions. The invigilator went out for a little while and the students started speaking softly, before their voices gradually increased in volume. In that situation, I couldn’t help but say something too. I just said a sentence, and it was to myself, ‘Ah, this question is so difficult’. Just then, the teacher came in, heard my voice, and said, “Lee Hyukjae, come out.’ He then tore my examination script, saying I was making a racket, and I really got zero for that examination. I was so wronged. I wasn’t even talking to other people, I was muttering to myself. Sigh, what luck.

090630 Playful Ryeowook

Leeteuk: Oh right, there is an interesting thing that happened. A couple of days ago, your parents went to your dormitory right? Ryeowook wanted to play a prank on the managers…

Eunhyuk: Yes, yes, I remember.

Leeteuk: Ryeowook ran up to the 12th level and said to the managers, “Hyung! Eunhyuk hyung went crazy! He brought a woman to the dormitory!” The managers got a shock and dashed down to the 11th level. Upon reaching your storey, they saw a pair of woman’s footwear when they opened the door. The managers then had a meeting, and the whole time while they were fretting, they kepting hearing a woman’s voice coming from your room. The few of them worried for quite a while, until they saw your parents in the room…

Eunhyuk: They saw (my parents) from the gap at the door, and then bowed after seeing them… Ha, Ryeowook is too playful.

090702 Eunhyuk’s Passport Photo

Eunhyuk: I registered for my driving license the year before. Taking the photo for the license was a pretty rushed affair, so I just took one at the speed photo booth at the side, and the result was too… No matter what, I am a celebrity after all…

Leeteuk: What, the result must have been your true appearance.

Eunhyuk: No no, the photo didn’t capture my charm.

Leeteuk: How is a driving licence photo supposed to capture your supposed charm?

Eunhyuk: It should have captured my delicate face, snow-white skin and watery eyes, at the very least. That type of photo technique simply could not make it. So I decisively threw it away, phoned our company’s photo department, went there to take a photo, used Photoshop to make it look good, and it became the photo in my driving license.

Leeteuk: It is the one on your current driving license? Let me see.

Eunhyuk: It isn’t with me now, we’ll talk about it some other time, I was smiling so radiantly.

Leeteuk: Whatever~ There are rules for passport photos to be taken with the ears, eyebrows shown and all…

Eunhyuk: Ah ah ah ah ah, I hate that. When I was taking (my passport photo), my hair was very long, my fringe had to be tucked behind my ears and those covering my forehead had to be tucked to the side, it turned out really ugly. When we are at overseas customs, many fans will look at it, it’s so embarassing. Everyone, stop looking.

Leeteuk: I don’t mind.

Eunhyuk: I mind, (so) everyone, stop looking haha.

Cr: Kimseohye
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @
Please take out with credits and do not add in your own, thanks!

picture credit: [email protected]
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26 / F / Netherland Antilles
Posted 8/2/09 , edited 8/2/09
Eunhyuk is so funny about that driver license photo. He even called the photo department:P But he looks good to me no matter what ^^
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