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Axel (アクセル ,Akuseru?), also referred to as "Flurry of Dancing Flames" (おどる火の風 ,Odoru Hi no Kaze?) who has the Assassin Nobodies under his control,[5] and in battle, he utilizes a pair of chakram as his weapons and manipulates fire. Nomura designed Axel on a similar concept as Reno from Final Fantasy VII. Nomura wanted to see what it would be like to have a similar character in a different world and role.[6] As stated in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, Axel's task within the Organization is to eliminate its traitors. Whenever he relays important information to someone (usually Sora and his friends), Axel ends it with "Got it memorized?". Like Roxas and Naminé, Axel seems to possess true emotions, something that he makes note of in a mixture of amusement and surprise, believing it to be the result of his interactions with both Roxas and Sora.[33] Strangely, Quinton Flynn's portrayal of Axel differs considerably between Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories; in the former, Axel sounds very laid-back and relaxed, while in the latter, he is much more serious and eloquent.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Axel, per orders, attempts to either rescue Roxas from DiZ's virtual Twilight Town or kill him; it is revealed that Axel and Roxas are best friends, and Axel attempted to persuade Roxas to stay with the Organization mainly out of fear of what Xemnas and the others would do to him.[34] Despite Axel's efforts, Roxas merges with Sora. As revealed in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+, Riku leaves Naminé in Axel's protection to pay her back for what she did for him during the Castle Oblivion incident, and Naminé's words (that even Nobodies have people that are dear to them) strangely move Axel. Later, acting out of the Organization's interests, and desperate to see his friend again, Axel kidnaps Kairi to bait Sora to him, planning to turn Sora into a Heartless in the hopes that Roxas would be reborn. However, Kairi, accompanied by Pluto, manages to escape from him only to be captured by Saïx, who takes her to the World That Never Was so that the Organization can use her to fuel Sora's anger. Axel appears after the Heartless invasion of Hollow Bastion to Sora, Donald, and Goofy, informing them that Organization XIII has been using them to get hearts, though he refuses to tell them what they plan on using the hearts for.[35] Though initially seeming unrepentant about his kidnapping of Kairi, he soon apologizes for getting her involved [36], and makes a hasty exit when Saïx arrives. Axel later finds Sora in a pathway to the World That Never Was and chooses to fight the Nobodies with him. The numbers get overwhelming and Axel performs a suicide attack to save Sora, who stays with him until he dies. Fading away, Axel apologizes for kidnapping Kairi and asks Sora to rescue her.[37] When asked what he was trying to do, Axel admits he wanted to see Roxas, who made him feel like he had a heart, and Sora made him feel the same way.[38] With the last of his strength, Axel opens an entrance to the World That Never Was. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Axel posthumously contacts Roxas's consciousness following his ambiguous battle with Sora, reflecting on old memories and sharing one final conversation on the mysteries of the heart with him before fading away; a teardrop is seen falling as the two former Nobodies disappear.
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