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A relatively new recruit to the Organization, Marluxia (マールーシャ ,Mārūsha?) is lord of Castle Oblivion and Sora's main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. He is also referred to as the "Graceful Assassin" (優雅なる凶刃 ,Yūga-naru Kyōjin?, lit. "Graceful Assassin's Blade"). He uses a scythe and his control over flowers to attack.[5]

In Chain of Memories, Marluxia lures Sora to Castle Oblivion to begin his plan on using Naminé to manipulate Sora's memories to make the Keyblade master his pawn in taking over the organization, giving Sora his first set of world cards to proceed through the castle. He assigns Axel to eliminate Vexen when Vexen attempts to reveal the conspiracy to Sora. After kidnapping Naminé in the aftermath of Larxene's death, Marluxia is later confronted by Axel on the thirteenth floor, revealing his true intentions before he attempts to kill Marluxia for conspiring against the Organization. However, Marluxia uses Naminé to have Sora fight Axel for him. After Axel's defeat, Marluxia orders Naminé to erase Sora's memories in order to destroy his heart, hoping to rebuild it into something more to his liking; in spite of her refusal, with Marluxia impling that he will kill her for disobeying him, Marluxia is confounded when Sora demands that Naminé erase his memories for her safety, saying their promise will remain and he can protect her [40]. When the Riku Replica further shocked Marluxia by continuing his own promise in spite of the memory behind it being a lie, Marluxia engages Sora out of annoyance that they would accept their false memories with full knowledge that they're lies. But the Marluxia that Sora battled was actually an illusion of Marluxia. Sora later finds the real Marluxia, in a new form, and destroys him. Afterwards, Sora uses the Keyblade to permanently seal the room in which they fought.
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