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Hello! nekomi-chan here! well im sorry if it isint a really good story, but i hope u like it! :blush:

“Hey, what’s up with that girl?”
“I know, and the hair, what a weirdo!”
“hmmm they are starting again, *sigh* guess my hair attracts attention after all”
Hello! I’m misaki yamaguchi! But please call me misa! Im just a normal highschool girl that has fallen in love with j-rock! I’m such a J-rock lover that I even died my hair! Pink! YAYY! Haha! Well ive heard that yuto nakayima, ryosuke yamada, chinen yuri and daiki arioka go to school close by. I’ve heard that they are in a band called Hey! Say! JUMP! But I don’t really listen to j-pop.
“misa! Youre in the same class as me! All right!” said a girl with long hair
“aya! We’re in the same class! Thank god! I thought I was going to be alone hear!” said misa with a sigh of relief.
“ I approve.” Said a girl with glasses. And a preatty one too.
Both misa and Aya stared at her silently.
“KAIRI!!!” said both Aya and Misa.

“misa! Stop cryng already hahaha! You haven’t changed a bit at all have you?” Said kairi smiling.
“it’s just that we are all in the same class!! It’s a miracle!! Im just so happy!” said misa with tears.
Later in lunch time
“I’m so tired! But im happy we have made it this far, don’t you two agree?”
Both kairi and aya nodded.
“whoa…look at the view…being in the roof of the school seems so relaxing! Hey! You guys! Isint that the school that the hey say jimmy members go to!?” hit! “ouch! What the?”
“ the group is called Hey! Say! Jump! Not Hey! Say! Jimmy!” said both kairi and aya with an angry face.
“man! Not you guys too! Are these guys actually that great! I mean they are just dumn idols!” misa looked at her friends, they had angry faces like they wanted to kill her! “I mean! *cough cough* they are umm~ I dunno, haha~ what I was tryng to say is that they are really cute normal people!” said misa scared.
“yes that is true, but really, they live in a different world that we live in.” said kairi, with a gental face. “
“trust me misa you don’t know how good to be true kind of guys they are, I mean well you should see them youre self! I dare you to go to that school and meet them!” said aya with a smirk.
“eh!? No way! Besides I don’t even know how they look like!”
“………” (O_O) aya and kairi had this expretion when they heard it.
“Ok! Ok! Ill talk to them tomorrow!” said misa.
After school
“man im tired~” sayd misa stretching her arms.
I cant belive I have to go to that school! Whats so good about those guys enyway? Aya and kairi are just over reacting! If they met them themselves theill see that they are just normal dumn guys who just care about fame! Really these guys…they can be really clueless!
“oww! Hey! Watch where youre going dammit!...EH!?”
“oh! Sorry about that! I wasent paying attention! Forgive me! Ryosuke yamada said with a nice gentle smile. Hey! Wait a minute! Isint this guy from Hey! Say! Jump!? I cant belive hes infornt of me!
“ryo! You should really watch where you where walking you know? You can be so careless sometimes! Here! Grab my hand, ill help you out!” said yuto nakayima.
“oh! Um thank you! Umm, well I just want to ask, are you guys from Hey! Say! Jump? Im not a fan! No offence! But my friend dared me to at least talk to u, so can I take a pic for evidence that I met you? That’s all I ask for, I swear!” said Misa.
“ you may take a picture of us! We accept.” Said chinen.
“WHAT!? Hey chinen! Why did you accept? What if-“
“what if ryo?”
“…its nothing, alright but just this once” said ryosuke.
“thank you!”
“thank you! Bye!” said misa with a big smile on her face. Ha! This will show em! Hahaha! Ive won this time!
“hey yuto, wasent that school uniform from…” said chinen wondering,
“yes it is, its from that school…hmm~ nowonder she was cute”
“What!? I dint know that type of girl ws youre type! Had no idea!” sayd ryosuke surprised.
“really? Well now you know! Ohh hey! Daiki!”
“hey you guys! I ran as fast as I could! We should get going already! We have a photoshoot in an hour, we should get going!” said daiki.
“yeah! You’re right! Lets go!” Said yuto.
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lol nice one
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