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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 7/6/09
If only I could see the time of day again.
Maybe, things in life wouldn’t seem so insincere.
If only I could just open my eyes,
To this new and strong and dishonest world.
If only the black would turn to white;
My blindness fading with every breath.
If only I could reach out my hand,
To touch the fingertips of your smile.

If only laughter were so contagious.
So that I could laugh with all my heart.
If only time were easily stopped,
Its hands exposed from the clouds and boundaries of our humanity.
If only your caress didn’t feel so warm.
Maybe it would be that much easier to ignore.
If only hurt would turn to heal,
So the raw holes in my heart would disappear.

If only delusions could start a reality;
Someplace in which the truth did not scar.
If only you had nothing to lose,
So that I could leave the doors of your world without anguish.
If only we all knew what to do.
Make the right decisions – go forth, no pretenders.
If only muttering ‘no’ meant ‘yes!’
Maybe, we could still look through the curtains; see the hidden meanings of it all.

If only you understood.
If only I didn’t.
If only I could ignore the threats bubbling up inside me.
It aches;
Unbearably ripping through me.
But I do not mind it …
Because I know that, ‘if only’ is wrong.
Silent night, shinning star, my sun, you are my answer.
The one who rids ‘if only’.

© copyrighted by the rightful owner, Kujin-jump. All rights reserved. Any links to other events, people, or pieces is completely coincidental and is in no way connected to this piece. May, 2009.
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Posted 2/10/10 , edited 2/10/10
Perfect! I love this poem, very true and easy to relate to.

'If only' and 'What if', I hate both of those two words.
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