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Posted 4/22/09 , edited 4/22/09
make up your own anime character here^^:

appearance:(you can describe it or just put a pic of an anime^^)
long black hair and red eyes
personality:mysterious,but kind if you get to know ,a loner in a way,hates being bored,loves sweets,etc...
bio:born in a family of assassins ,and soon to take over the family business(assassin business) ,has a life full of mysteries ..(its gonna be too long if I continue .. )
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Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/7/09
Name : Tama and Rika Okazaki
Age : 14 and 12
Appearance : Tama has deep black eyes and hair, while Rika has dark brown eyes and hair. Tama's hair is quite spiky while Rika's is a bit.
Background : They were born from a samurai clan named Okazaki. But when they were still kids, their parents died in a plane crash. And then their aunt and uncle took care of them. Actually they want their family's richness. Tama that knew this, ran away with Rika and stayed at the orphanage. Now they are staying with a man.
Personality : Tama is really tomboyish, smart, easygoing, outgoing, friendly, calm, caring, and highly sensed of justice, but scary if she is angry. Rika is nice, soft, friendly, a bit timid, but always want to try to help people, and sometimes a little ignorant. She also a bit tomboyish.
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