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Larxene (ラクシーヌ ,Rakushīnu?) was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories where she conspired with Marluxia to overthrow Organization XIII by using Sora. She has a cruel and sadistic personality. Larxene wields four knives in each hand, and the power of thunder to fight,[5] and is known as the "Savage Nymph" (非情の妖姫 ,Hijō no Yōki?, lit. "Callous Vixen"). She is agile and can call forth bolts of lightning in battle. Larxene is shown to be an exceptionally capable fighter, able to repeatedly punch and kick Sora, a highly skilled fighter in his own right, faster than he can react or retaliate.

In Chain of Memories, she first introduces herself to Sora by forcing him to take in the implanted false memories and remember Naminé's name. After fighting Sora, she gives him new cards to create more simulations of worlds before returning to the top and defeating Vexen's replica of Riku before his memory is rewritten. She intimidates Naminé to keep with their plan and later taunts Vexen after the Riku Replica failed in his mission before Marluxia charges him with incompetence. After she discovers Axel's betrayal and sees that her and Marluxia's plans have fallen apart, her playful manner vanishes as she decides to personally kill Sora.[41] Shortly after Sora finds Naminé and defeats the Riku Replica a third time, she at first begins to toy with Sora about the truth; however, Sora gets frustrated and attacks her. Larxene easily dodges Sora's attacks and kicks Sora hard in the chest, badly injuring him. Then she reveals the truth about the Riku Replica and Naminé to Sora, and her intent to kill him. Naminé attempts to stop her, only to be slapped across the face. This proves to be her undoing, as Larxene learns that Sora is intent on protecting Naminé despite learning the truth[42], and is perplexed, but still decides to finish him off. However, just as she is about to do so, Donald and Goofy, who had earlier been separated from Sora, finally catch up to him; Goofy knocks her back while Donald uses his magic to heal Sora of the injuries he sustained while fighting the Riku Replica and Larxene. Together, the three defeat Larxene, and she fades back into darkness while proclaiming her disgust at being defeated by "a bunch of losers".
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