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Nakamaru: "Iya, we've really hit it off right from the beginning this year, haven't we." (2003)
Kame: "True. In baseball terms, we had a real rocket start."
Akanishi: "In soccer terms, it's a penalty kick!"
Taguchi: "I have no clue what you're talking about."

Jin, during a concert MC: "Thank you to all the fans who gave me a japanese dictionary with the note 'please get more intelligent soon'!"
(For fans who don't understand japanese this may be new, but Jin often gets the reading of kanji compounds wrong or doesn't know how to read a kanji. Even K�ki asked him once when Jin was supposed to read a fan letter on SC if he needed a dictionary.)
haha Bakanishi tlga ohh!

(Suddenly, when Nakamaru has been talking about his interest in space)
Jin: "There are people living on Mars."
Nakamaru: "Hah?"
Jin, in all earnesty: "No really, it's true!"

Jin: "I went to the beach with YamaPi and my parents, and I saw a ufo there. I quickly made a wish 'may I become happy'."

Jin: "One of my ancestors was Italian, so Italy is practically my hometown."

Jin: "No, I don't like writing mails on my cellphone. It's much easier to make a phone call than to press those tiny buttons one after the other."

Jin: "I've seen a lot of molesters, especially on the subway. There's men and women. But actually more men than women. There are actually five or six times more men than women."

Jin: "Huh, notify other people when I change my telephone number? I tell them when I meet them the next time."

Jin: "Kame ne, I expected him to be really bad at driving. But unexpectedly, he drives pretty normal."
Kame: "Hey! I drove in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Hokkaid� and Okinawa, everywhere."
Jin: "Me too, I also got around. I was in Nerima, Futogotamagawa and such......."
Kame: "Aren't those all places in Tokyo?"
Jin: "Well, okay..."

Jin: "I caught a cold recently. It was quite cold, wasn't it? A friend then said to me 'If you wrap a towel around your neck and sleep like that, it'll be gone in the morning!'. I immediately did as he said, but there was no change in my condition. I thought that was strange and called him to make sure I had done it correctly. Well... it turned out you have to do that *before* you get a cold..."

Jin who's too late: "It's true that I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop. But you can't really blame me, in my dream, I was also on the train, and when it was my stop, I got out like I was supposed to."

Jin: "When I snuggle into my warm bed on a cold morning, that's the best time ever. Ah, but at the moment I don't have a bed, I sleep on a futon. The bed that I had before, I jumped on it and now one of the metal pipes is bent so that you can't use it anymore."

Nakamaru: "Did you know? In Turkey, you put a piece of cube sugar in your mouth before you drink your tea."
Jin: "Oh, I was going to feign disinterest, but, is that really true?"
Nakamaru: "It's true! I'm sorry, I'm someone who knows these tidbits of interesting info." [AN: To get the joke, you have to know that in japanese, "tidbits of info" means "mame chishiki", literally "beans knowledge".]
Jin: "Jaa, then you're new nickname is now 'beans'. By the way, in middle school I also had the nickname 'beans'."
Nakamaru: "Eh? Why? Did you also like to collect pieces of knowledge?"
Ueda: "Not at all, it was just that he was so bean-like." *laughs*
Nakamaru: "I knew it. It's just impossible to imagine Jin hunting for this kind of knowledge." *laughs*
Jin: "What the hell are you saying? I'm sensitive in strange spots!"
Ueda: "Yeah, it's certainly true, you get mad about strange things." *laughs*

Jin: "I can tell the weather by Nakamaru's hairstyle. If it's normal, that means 'clear sky'. If it's wavy, that means there'll be clouds or even rain."

Jin: "I want to be able to fly through the sky. Not with some technical means, but just like that, freely. Uoh! Wouldn't that mean I'd never be late again!?"

Jin: "Ano sa, you know, when you cry your face becomes all ugly, right? I can't stand to look at my face when I cry. So I always only cry when I'm all alone."

(Question in a magazine): Are there times when you look into the mirror and think, woah, I'm really cool?
Jin: "Yeah. Whenever Nakamaru is standing next to me."

(Advice to K�ki who started going to the gym regularly to work out)
Jin: "Ah, but don't take too many proteins! That will make the colour of your eyebrows change."

credit:@FS group=JanninA동해

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hahaha... BAKAnishi is so cute!!! that's why we love him rite?
let me add one~

Jin: I will ask Johnny-san to makes a flying car for me.

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Oh god, these quotes are just pure lol

particularly the 'beans' part.
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haha.. i was laughing hard esp in the weather part..

only bakanishi would think something like that.. haha..

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I love his excuse when being late!
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09

\I never payed much attention to him, but this kid is ridiculous. wth...i love it
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Oh god, these quotes are just pure lol
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is all of these true. did he really say it?
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