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Posted 4/23/09 , edited 4/23/09
Shinn-i just hate this mofo, he is like a corrodinator and male version of flay from the first seed. ugh, very idiotic. he cheated using his ultra gay wanna-be-main-character plothack. WELL UR WRONG U MOFO! KIRA IS THE MAIN CHARACTER!
Stellar-WTF! her death aint even impact me! i hated her 4 her horrid voice. horrids must go wif horrdis.
Hawkes-these 2 ugly red hairs workin 4 durandual r soo stoopid. meriyian took athrun(F'ck u).
Final battle-definat no,no. reusing clips we already saw. and makin a original SEED rip-off battle(Genesis/METEORs). also dat dumbass rei says he is dat ugly rau le kluzze. well GOOD THING HE AND DURANDUAL R DEAD!
Destiny plan-wat a gay name and led by a gay leader and gay plan.
thumbs down 4 SEED Destiny
total-9/10. SEED Destiny really failed me 4 SEED from now on.
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