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Post your characters here. Based on the list in the group description:

Name: *your secret name and/or your real name*
Age: *Can be real age and/or appeared age*
Gender: *male/female*
Class: *this is what group you are in*
Personality: *paragraph long*
Appearance: *pic or paragraph*
History: *paragraph. Although, I wouldn't know how the character join WD*
Other: *A skill, strength, talent or equipment. Weaknesses are optional, if you want a second advantage.*


mariia wrote:

Name: darkness or "dark"
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Class: vampire
Personality: mysterious and quiet. hates people who think too much and hates people who think too little. very picky when it comes to friends. hates those who look like idiots and yes, ,judges people by their looks before personality.
History: killed over ten thousands men. had experience with handling a sword and will strike in battle without hesitation. born into a royal family but hated their guts so killed them all. became queen and the people all ran away from her. she ruled over an empty land. built a new castle and then left her country. she walked the darkness for many years.
Other: she actually loves making fun of people and putting then down. and secretly, she plays the piano
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Real Name: Horokei Usui
Codename: Shooter
Gender: Male
Class: Delivery boy /bodyguard

The village of Salva is a poor mining village that is usually downgraded by poor labor. Being in this village Horokei became strong and fit thus led a rebellion at the age of 16. After the rebellion half of the village died because of the army of Expel (the western kingdom). Horokei went to prison along with the rest of the rebellion. With all that's happened, Horokei suffered a mental illness that haunts him everytime someone gets pointed at with a weapon (in his case it was a gun at the first time and became a form of a weapon), he breaks down with a rage causing reckless and violent actions to the person with a weapon. With Horokei's innovative actions he and his group escaped and became vigilantes.

At the age of 20 Horokei now runs a gun shop. Every gun in his shop is customized to his liking. He not only makes a living out of selling his customized gun but also out of participating in shooting events thus getting his codename of Shooter.

A mischievous outlaw that evades the authorities, a living that requires a lot of nerve.
- An escape artist
- An ammuniations expert
- A sharp shooter
- A vigilante
- A talented leader

Now at the age of 22, Horokei meets up with the overlord of "The WorldDomination" and was invited into their group as the "Delivery Boy" and makes a fine bodyguard.

Personality: Humorous, lacks the ability to take things seriously but knows when it REALLY is time to get serious. Happy Go Lucky, Bad luck with women.

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Name: Lord Jazen De Criuix
Age: 19
Gender: male
Class: Lord Seraphim Angel
Personality: A angel who has come from heaven to take the world for a reason. He is seen as arrogant, stuck up and a pain to those who have their own agendas. He doesn't care what someones status is he respects only those he chooses to. No one chooses for him. He sees the world with his own eyes the stereotypes of the world are useless, conformity and oppression is a bothering pain that should be eradicated to him. He doesn't need anyone for he is not human, but enjoys the company occasionally and enjoys watching the struggle for power in the world.
History: Bored from wondering around the world he finds himself with nothing to do, seeing a new organization growing he decides to join and finds himself teaching new recruits in the WD making sure they won't get themselves killed. Much of his history is clouded to him, but his reasons are kept to himself.

Remaining in a human like state and placing 13 seals on his body he has insured that his angelic powers would not damage the reality of the world around him and can continue to use his powers without causing the unwanted attention from those of the Trinity, an organization in heaven that was previously run by him, that prided itself in hunting down demons, darkness, evil, fallen, and angels like Jazen who simply decided to leave for a reason or another. Jazen is an excellent swordsman, he knows how strong he is and doesn't care what others would say in relation to that strength. He watches over the WD's security and training of troops he doesn't care much for the rank of the WD but he respects and follows the Overlord only. His abilities range vastly when all seals are released but with the 13 seals his powers don't range that far, His physical body is strong, his speed ranges from glacier to instantaneous. He mostly only uses his speed mind strength and wits to when a battle he doesn't really care for formalities but on rare occation he does. He wields a blade that has been said to be the blade that guards the gate of Hell. The reason that he has decided to join this organization is beyond him, but he did. The 13 seals cannont be removed unless certain conditions are met.(conditions to be posted later). He unfortunately cannot use his powers to force someone to do something for him, but if they find it in thier best interest to do so then it's all fair.
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Name: Tala
Age: 18
Gender: female
Class: Demon / Summoner
Low tempered, mostly lazy, dreamer that loves freedom. She likes what she likes and hates what she hates, it inst in her nature to ask herself why is that. It takes a lot to change her mind, a lot of persuasion but on contrary she has skill to make others believe what she wants. One thing that ticks her off is when people look down on her. Although she can be cruel and bloody, and react on impulse from time to time, she is mostly clam nature and likes to irritate certain people a bit. That is her charm.

History:By many reports she is daughter of Ra-ten family, one of highest family in daemon realm by others she is oldest child of Angel family Tenar. It is possible that she belongs to both bloodlines because her birth date is from time of tranquility between these two realms. About her family and siblings is known a little and all is guessing. Some says she has twin sister and younger brother but still that is all just fog. She was spotted around age of 15 when she killed couple of demons and 2 seraphims. After this incidents her whereabouts is unknown. After 3 years of wandering she came back to establish Clan that ruled over daemon realm.
Because all that have fight her so far gone missing or died she is ranged highly skilled. She has her demon form which is not used so far.
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Name: Ra'zac
Age: over 20 000 Milena (appears 20 years old)
Gender: Male
Class: The True God / Angel of Death
Personality: Ra'zac is nearly immortal and invincible, he is very egotistical and arrogant, taunting and belittling his opponents, allowing them to inflict wounds before healing and retaliating. After a long time as a God of Death it was shown that underneath his arrogant exterior, Ra'zac seems sad and envious of other living beings, especially humans. He contemplates becoming a monster to obtain power and escape death. They have the gift of death, while he himself is unable to die. He seems to wish for a fight with an equal opponent, expressing disappointment towards weak opposition. His desire for a worthy opponent may be connected to his regret; it could be a desire to finally die in an epic battle. In conjunction, Ra'zac holds a great affinity for humans who take pride in themselves, expressing his desire to be killed by a mortal human. He often respects certain humans for their bravery, for choosing to remain mortal and accept death. He is not entirely against immortality. He believes it must be earned and is limited only to certain personalities or characters of sufficient will. While in combat or just chilling out (how he would like to say it) he has a healthy sense of humor and tends to act completely random sometimes for no apparent reason at all. Although he can't eat food he developed his sense of smell which allowed him to enjoy the "sweet goodness" (as he would say it) which has became his favorite pass-time. His second favorite pass-time is playing video games, he owns all kinds of game consoles from the beginning of their production back in the end of 20th century.
Appearance: His true form is never revealed. He seems to have a mask that smoothly applies over his face, slowly becoming his "new" face.

History: History before him becoming the god/angel of death is long forgotten. Wandering around the globe and the dimensions he became very bored, for no reason at all he bumps into a fast growing group of fanatics, WorldDomination (WD), who wish to take over the world, he seeing this a opportunity for an epic adventure full of perils decided to join.
Other: His scythe, made of indestructible material is the source of his powers and possesses many magical qualities; although he is still capable of using magic without it, but these instances are rare. It has the power to shape-shift (he usually keeps it in the form of a pencil).

(image of Ra'zec's scythe. It's name is 'Kosa'. It is believed it's alive.)

He also carries around 'Udevos Gestroben' (known as "Book Of The Dead" to mortals) cleverly disguised as a simple notebook. None knows what secrets are kept inside that book except Ra'zac.
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