younha song is from another song????
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25 / F / with jae joong op...
Posted 4/24/09 , edited 4/24/09
do u think younha song entitled peace, love and ice cream is actually quite the same to another song... the song that i meant is from 2 indonesian songs...
1. gita gutawa-sempurna(female version)
2. Andra and the backbone-sempurna(male version)
....this is my opinion , everytime i heard younha-peace,love and ice-cream... i would eventually thought about one of these songs... it's not all the same but some of the rythm is kinda same... what's ur opinion????
Posted 4/25/09 , edited 4/25/09
Really? 'Cause some people say it reminds them of a song from Michael Jackson. Dx lol I mean the song 1, 2, 3. And pretty much some singer get beats from other songs. You can't really blame anyone for it.
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Posted 4/25/09 , edited 4/25/09
Peace, Love and Cream is already a cover of Sandy Dane

1,2,3 sounds like ABC by the Jackson 5

and LUV U LUV U LUV U sounds like Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

Not to mention, her face is photoshopped in all of the pics


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