Post Reply Do you think they should make Haou Airen into an anime
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25 / F / Lost in the Darkness
Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/23/07
I think if they did that that would be a seller cause ill be buying all the series
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29 / M / vietnam
Posted 2/19/08 , edited 2/20/08
yea i think so but it wont be like da manga tho lol
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25 / F / Somewhere In this...
Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/4/08
yup...i want it to be an anime too..but does anyone have other interesting manga to recommend me?
Posted 9/23/08 , edited 9/24/08
Ya same here i will buy all of thme
Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/13/08
yea i want it to be a anime but i also agree taht it wont b lik the manga
Posted 10/13/08 , edited 10/14/08
YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I wish it would be made into an anime!!!!
Posted 12/19/08 , edited 12/20/08
i wish that this would be made into an anime... it's so sweet and sad
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
yeah i hope so...
Posted 1/16/09 , edited 1/16/09
it would be awsome if they made it into anime, but the things is that in anime they would problably cut the sex parts or made them into less expose, but if they made this in hentai normalu tne series doesnt contain a great romance, so it wouldnt be the same.. still i wish if they made the anime they would made exactly like the manga, bcus the manga is
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28 / F / USA
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/29/09
HELL YEA .. I'd watch it over and over again (especially if it has a HAPPY ENDING)
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