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21 / F
Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/26/09
Moderator*apple_green_tea or pineapple_just4me

Size*banner size
Text*(each is a different banner) About Meh, I Support, Support Me, Gifts, Good-Bye
Extras*anything*right now
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up your butt .
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Moderator*Pineapple_just4me or anyyone good
Name* Tiara

Size*up to yuu
Text*Lolly+Oreo= Best Friend For Life

can yu make it look kind liek this plz?

Posted 6/30/09 , edited 9/27/09

possiblity = Angam
Posted 7/9/09 , edited 7/13/09
Moderator* anyone~ :3
Username* ecko-eaterz
Name* Eleasha

Size* any size. ^-^
Text* Favorites Character Feat. Akito & Agito from Air Gear
Extras* up to yuu* yuppers.

PENDING Cocolita
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F / ღOn Thë Bëd N Bës...
Posted 7/25/09 , edited 7/25/09
Name* Yuuki

Size* profile size
Text* Hiie i am yuuki-chan now my life is upsidedown, i cant always online cuz i got schl n others
stuff to do. i hate people ask question like " wat stuff u doing" tis is my bussine ,y should u care
if u dun like my attidue or my pages jzu get lost , disapper from tis world or f*ck off
i dun care wat about people say about me or my attidue n watever ... people who say about me is a f*cking bastard ,retarded $$%[email protected]~!#@ y u should mind my attiude and others stuff ,jzu mind your own f*cking bussine..who ever read tis page i dun care about your feelings hurt becuz u started to say me first.......Tis is my real attidue

Like: chatting,goofy,playing private serve,listning music


Rules:Folo my rules or else u knw wat i am going to do wif u
1) Be active
2) Respect my friends
3) No hate mail
4) No spamming
5) No picture stealing
6) dun ask the question i hate the most...!~!
Extras; anythng suits the picture* yess
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25 / F / 한경's ♥
Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
Moderator* anyone will do
Username* lADYbby
Name* Alina

Size* idk, u can make it up :D
Text* Welcome to All About Brown Eyed Girls (if you dont have enough room, you can just say Welcome to All About B.E.G)
Extras* Ummm, pink, flower, ribbons, whatever matches with the picture :)* yessss

thankssss !
rarer 8D
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24 / F / In The Sky . . ....
Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
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23 / F / SHINee World :D
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/2/09
Moderator* anyone
Size* normal banner size
Text* welcome to my profile
Extras* any* yes
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Posted 5/29/10 , edited 5/29/10
Moderator* solosecrets
Username* Angelina_190
Name* Angelina

Size* Profile size
Text* (can you put this at the top) Welcome to my profile

Hi im angelina and i can be very random at times, im mostly happy and just enjoying life. I love listening to music,watching animes and movies. I love a number of singers and celebrities, these are a few i like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, A.N.JELL, Kimerald, Johan, Avril lavigne,Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. If you want to be friends with me then just ask, but you have to be really patient with me at times because im just a normal girl with a busy life.

1) Be active
2) Respect my friends
3) No hate mail
4) No spamming
5) No picture stealing

LIVE,LUAGH,LOVE (can you put this at the bottom of the page with big writting)

Extras*Anything that goes with it, make it look nice*Yes

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