Death Note: L, Change the WorLd (subtitled) showing in American Theaters
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By popular demand, Viz Pictures and NCM Fathom partner again to present "Death Note: L, change the WorLd" for two days only--Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, April 30 at 7:30 p.m. local time in a movie theatre near you."Death Note: L, change the WorLd" is the third live action event based on the Death Note Manga franchise. The follow up to "Death Note and Death Note II," "Death Note: L, change the WorLd" will feature Fathom's first ever subtitled event. The first night will be subtitled (Japanese with English subtitles); the second night will be overdubbed in English. Both nights will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of Kenichi Matsuyama (L), Alessandro Juliani (L's English voice actor), and Hideo Nakata (the director). Don't miss your chance to see "Death Note: L, change the WorLd" larger-than-life on the big screen.

Death Note: L Change the World
Alternative Title: L, 最期の23日間 / The Last 23 Days of L
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Film Date: January, 2008
Japan Casts:
Kenichi Matsuyama , Matsuyama Kenichi, Mayuko Fukuda

Ken'ichi Matsuyama reprises his role as L Lawliet from the previous Death Note films. The film chronicles the final 23 days of L's life, as he solves one final case involving a bioterrorist group that aims to wipe out much of humanity with a virus with ten times the infectiousness of Ebola, taking a boy, the sole survivor of its use in a village in Thailand, and a junior high schooler named Maki Nikaido under his wing.

Shunji Fujimura also reprises his role as Watari, though he dies early in the film as per the events of The Last Name. The characters Misa Amane, death god Ryuk, and Light Yagami also all have brief cameos in the film.

Showtime is 7:30pm
On the 29th it will be in japanese with english subtitles.
On the 30th it wil be dubbed in english.
This is the 3rd Death Note Movie.
Click on the link to find a theater near you.
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Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
Posted 4/26/09 , edited 4/26/09
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