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In Super Junior.Who likes to make jokes and the high pitch laughter??
Posted 7/14/09 , edited 7/14/09
There was an episode of Star King with Leeteuk and other members. I almost die watching it because of Leeteuk's laughter. He couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't stop laughing too because I laugh when he laughs. His laughter is hilarious.
Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/13/09
ouh.. LOL!.. Eeteuk's laugh FTW!.. haha.. it kindda reminds me of ELMO, though..
but, that's what makes it funnier. LOL [Sukira is proof! xDD]
and uhh
when it comes to joking,
HeeChul, Kangin, Yesung, DongHae && Leeteuk
are gOod jOkers xD
Posted 2/17/10 , edited 2/17/10
Leeteuk and his elmo laugh. he should do the chicken dance sometimes. i'll be glad to teach him.
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